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Know your numbers?

Analytics Reports

We simplified the new complex tracking and analytics reports

Track all the important data IN ONE PLACE

One simple mobile-friendly dashboard

Track visitors, keywords and more!

Dynamic data - includes GBP too

New G4 Tags and actions tracked

Here for any questions

Everyone is racing to solve it - so we are bringing a more affordable plan to small business owners:

  • See visitor engagement and scroll actions tracked
  • Add in up to 50 keywords to see how you rank against competition
  • Mobile-friendly and easy to read
  • Customized for you – including your GBP profile views and clicks
  • Follow the data and make better pages
  • See if your blogs and content is catching on!
  • Low price for limited time!

Nobody does it better.

Our New Analytics reports mean you don't need to be confused anymore.

We have been working for months to bring you a mobile-friendly tracking report that has all the key data.


Website Traffic Data:

Engagement Data (New):

Page Visits and Trends:

Keyword TRacking:

Google Business Profile Data:

Email Campaign Conversions:

What is best for you?

G4 Dashboards explained:

Mercury -
G4 Simplified so you know what works

The brand new analytics is not user friendly. We had to create a simple way to show the new data being tracked - such as scrolled users, engaged users etc - as well as make a feed of the important data like bounce rate, top pages, and time on site.

Venus -
Watch Rankings and trends locally

The this plan, you can select 10 keywords and track how you rank and move over time in your target region. This unique feature requires some custom setup, but you get the benefits of seeing what is working on your growth strategy! Plus we add in Google Business Profile Data so you can see it all in one mobile-friendly report.

Mars -
Social Tracking + more important keywords

With all the work you are doing on social media, plus all the different keywords that matter to your brand - make sure you are covered by tracking all the possible data. Plus see what suggested new keywords people are searching so you can adjust your strategy. Don't leave any data behind.

Simple g4 Analytics Plan Options:

We do require a 12-month commitment to keep these prices low with NO SETUP FEE!

  • Level 1: Mercury – mobile-friendly dashboard that makes GA4 data much easier to interpret
  • Level 2: Venus – Also includes +GBP, +limited keywords (10) on Search Console
  • Level 3: Mars – Also includes +Mailchimp, +additional Search Console keywords (50), +keyword suggestions, and social tracking


Simplify Your Data
$ 30 Per month
  • Mobile Friendly Dashboard
  • All NEW G4 Data Simplified
  • Dynamic Date Selections
  • Monthly Email Reports


G4 + 10 Keywords + GBP Data + GSC
$ 40 Per month
  • Track 10 Keywords
  • Track Google Business Views
  • FREE Search Console Setup
  • Track Rankings + Trends


50 Keywords + Suggested KW + MailChimp
$ 50 Per Month
  • All Venus Options Plus:
  • 50 keywords tracked
  • Suggested Keywords
  • Social + MailChimp Tracking


Let's go!

Analytics Plans

Mercury, Venus, or Mars?

Which Analytics Plan?