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WE BELIEVE ENTREPRENEURS DESERVE BETTER THAN Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, and overpriced agency models.

Better websites.

Better support.

Better advise.

Better strategy.

Better service.

Better tools.

Better costs…

… so we started Launch Kits.

Stop wasting TIME on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and GoDaddy free builders… hire experts who know small business trends, data, to save you TIME so you can make more money.

ONE Mission

To launch perfect websites for entrepreneurs faster, cheaper, and better than anyone else.


To be the #1 web design company for value-driven entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Launch Kits Team Members

We are proudly based in the historic river town of Columbia, PA and all our in-house team and contracted experts are based in Central PA.

Full Time In-House Team:


Justin | Founder & Owner

Justin Rule has launched over 1000+ websites. He has five kids and lives with his wife, dog, cats, bunnies, chickens, and ducks as a wanna-be farmer. After surviving birth in the second trimester, weighing 2lbs 4oz, and being diagnosed as deaf with CP, he hasn't looked back. Full of entertaining stories from his entrepreneurial roller coaster, true stories of flippin' fries and saving lives, his journey will inspire you to grow as a person and business owner. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


Mitchell | Lead Web Designer

Mitchell is an enthusiast by nature and will always find a new creative rabbit hole to get lost in - which is what makes his ideas and talents perfect to help new businesses get online. Plus, if you need to move your office furniture, he's likely to lend a hand. He is enthusiastic about art, photography, graphic design, the outdoors, and the English football team Arsenal. In everything he creates you will find meaning and purpose in the details. Keep an eye out for his photos on


Jaden | Launch Kit Specialist

Jaden has lived in Conestoga, a beautiful hilly and wooded region along the mighty Susquehanna River, his entire life with his family and two dogs. He has a passion for small businesses and mom-and-pop shops, and is dedicated to making sure they can still compete in an increasingly digital world. His curious mind pushes him to dive deeper into any subject, and he could talk for hours about philosophy and theology. When he's not building sites, Jaden likes to spend his free time observing or making art, and cooking delicious food for his friends.


Ben | Launch Kit Specialist

Ben played high school and college sports, spent some time in various roles in educational settings, and is now bringing his talent and energy into the web design and entrepreneur space with Launch Kits! Don't test him beyond the 3-point arc, or on our ping pong table... or anything that requires hand-eye coordination... but you can trust his creative talents and ability to put your vision on.

Our Expert Partners:


Experienced in graphic design, Lindsay has a sharp eye for detail and visual aesthetics. From brand visuals to your customer's digital journey, she'll help ensure your fonts, colors, and design elements are spot on! Her expertise is key to helping entrepreneurs establish their digital footprint and a great first impression online. As a new first-time momma, you can count on baby stories anytime you want them too!

Julianne | Content Creator

A staunch defender of the Oxford comma, Julianne spends her time crafting compelling copy to connect businesses with their target audience. Her writing strategy is built on bringing a brand's voice and personality to life in a way that inspires action. When she's not wordsmithing, Julianne is typically found wherever there is sunshine or inside the kitchen of her tiny cottage home in Bucks County, PA.

Jake | Contracted Writer

Jake has written more words for SEO content in his lifetime than most people speak in their lives. His passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses catch the ear of Google and compelling customers to act with great copy on a website is contagious.

Launch Kits is glad to have strategic partnerships with talented subcontractors like Jake that help keep costs low for clients, yet giving them experts in their toolbox!

Brad | Content Creator

Brad studied philosophy in college, and then went to seminary. How he ended up working on websites is a long story, and one he'd love to share with you over a great cup of coffee. An experienced digital content creator and curator, Brad's passion is to harness the web as a force for connection and innovation. A father of four young kids, Brad has mostly forgotten what "free time" means, but when he has a spare moment, he's likely to pick up a guitar or a good book.

Our core Values:


In Pricing


In Customer Service


In Education


In Execution




In Community


Why we build websites:

Did you know we give from the SALE of every website – to fight trafficking, exploitation, pornography, and to help those entangled and affected by the dark side of the internet?

Here’s our Founder and CEO, Justin Rule, telling more about our WHY.

90-seconds on how we do it:


Launch Kits provides entrepreneurs and small business owners the website they need to launch and be found online in just 5 days. Our team of writers, designers, developers, and trainers here in PA will also will setup a google business profile setup, and deliver a social opportunity and audit report with every Launch Kit.

With more 5-Star Reviews than any web design company in the country, and UNLIMITED support and training, we are able to help entrepreneurs launch their brands online quicker, better, smarter, and more affordably than anyone else.

Our proven website frameworks make being found online easy and affordable for small businesses. Our unlimited support model means there are many ways you can learn and grow through live Q&A Strategy Sessions, Bootcamp Training Materials, How-To Video Libraries… or just call and ask!

Made here. Supported here.

We love launching Founders.

You built your business. Let us build a PERFECT website:

P – Proven: research-based templates we designed that convert

E – Easy: we do the writing, design, and updates making your life easy

R – Responsive: looks great and loads fast on all devices 

F – Fresh: we update for Google with any content you provide

E – Effective: communicate your brand and services clearly

C – Converts: visitors become leads following proven pathways

T – Trackable: watch and learn from your data with G4 Analytics 

Beautiful, Proven Design, Live in 5 days

Verified Google Business Profile Setup

100% Satisfaction Guarantee OR YOUR MONEY BACK

Entrepreneurs Launched Online
333 +