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15 Businesses You Can Start Doing From Home

Many of us felt the sting of the pandemic of coronavirus on our business or family and community – or maybe you want to start something new in 2022?!

Here at Sparrow, we believe small businesses are the lifeblood of America and we want to help breathe hope into what may seem like a hopeless moment.

But we only want to plant seeds that have true potential to flourish.

So here are 15 businesses you could legitimately start from home in 2022 as a side-hustle or a main gig

15 Legitimate Small Business You Could Start From Home During The Pandemic

Before we list them, we want to be clear that these are not ways to “get rich quick” or to “simply make a dollar.” Businesses that succeed are those that are built on integrity, fueled by passion, led by experts (sometimes experts at trial-and-error, sometimes experts-by-experience or education), and carefully planned. Everyone will have bad days and slumps – but if you are committed to learning and growing, we believe the world is full of potential for small businesses to thrive.

We understand it takes money to start a business – build a website, make a logo, sign up your DBA with the state… but believe it or not, you can do all of that very well for as little as $1k-3k in the world we live in.

Yes, you can thrive even in this current moment in time.

  • Memoir Author/ Biographer
  • Greeting Card Designer
  • Virtual Counseling/Therapy
  • Web Designer – there are a lot of tools now that enable creative people to design websites. No, you can’t learn custom graphic design and coding in a week, but you can start helping small companies build a brand online (which Google takes a few months to organically rank and index a website anyways) so why not start today? (We actually have a FREE bootcamp you can use.)
  • Review Builder Business – building trust with your potential customers starts when they look at your reviews… or, it dies when they look at your reviews. You probably do awesome work, but nobody knows it because you don’t ask – via email, phone, text – so why not start a business that helps people gather their raving fans feedback?
  • Virtual Assistant – since we are all at home, if you are good with orgainization, notes, answering the phone – and don’t have 4 dogs and 12 kids running around in the background, you could be just what they need. Our good friends at VETA Virtual are hiring!
  • Copywriter – business owners need to write out content to help their current, past, and future customers and you can be the one that interviews them and writes their blog articles.
  • Photographer – most websites are tired of the stock photography they have, so way not put your iphone to use and capture some industry-specific photos and sell them to local companies.
  • Interior Design Consultant – everyone is looking around at their home with a fine-tooth comb since they are shut-in.
  • Balloons For Sale – I have always wanted to start a business delivering balloons for surprises, pranks, parties, and events. Just need a box truck, a website, and a helium tank. People could order a “van full, closet full, kitchen full” and you just deliver!
  • Delivery Driver – why not approach local eateries and boutiques and offer to deliver for less than the competition? Designate certain pick up and delivery days so they can tell their audience online about door-to-door delivery.
  • Social Media Manager – It’s true the organic social media won’t generate a ton of leads for service businesses, but you can offer to keep their profiles fresh with content they send or you take photos of with an iPhone so they look valid, current, and connected online.
  • Produce Delivery – local Amish or road-side stands could easily widen their reach if they could deliver to those who have trouble getting out and about. Why not ask them for a flat-fee delivery service you would market their stand to local retirement villages, communities, or eldery who would love weekly deliveries.
  • Client Appreciation Specialist – Many companies don’t have the staff to send welcome packages to new clients with personalized notes, goodies, or gear. You can fill that role and keep their clients feeling apprecaited all year round!
  • Residential or Commercial Cleaning – It doesn’t have to be fancy – but many people are working from home so its both ‘work and play’ and they could use extra help cleaning. Same goes for commercial small business spaces.

Have other ideas?

Let us know and maybe we can even help you strategize and pick a smart domain so you can launch in 2022!

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