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3 Pages that Drive Traffic to Your Website

Adam uses this strategy session to share the three pages every business owner should build that promotes high Google rankings and sends traffic directly to their website.

There are three pages Google really loves on websites and it’s such an easy way to dramatically improve your SEO ranking.

1. Location Service Page

Individual pages for specific locations that your business services is an effective way to get higher rankings in search results. 

Location page headline announces your service location

Each page must be of high quality and provide details about the area in which you’re advertising.

Detailed recommendations based off service location

You could include relevant facts about the area, from weather to specific advice for that location as well as photos from projects and related testimonials. Starting with two or three location pages announcing in the top headline of each page that your business now serves this area is a good place to start.

Do not simply repeat the same page for every town and borough in a 50-mile radius. Google penalizes “doorway pages.”  The key is to make sure each location page is unique from the others.

2. Individual Service Page

Individual service pages highlighted in the menu

If your business provides more than one service (as most do), making a page for each separate service will enable you to draw more traffic to your website. Each page will showcase one service and provide all the details surrounding that topic, from testimonials and awards to FAQs.

Awards specific to service provided

3. Case Study / Project Story Page

Begin collecting photos and recording your projects. Having a dedicated page to tell about the work you’ve done interests your potential customers as they envision hiring you to help them. You can write a post about the job, mention the location, and give statistics and related photos. 

Write a story based off actual projects

Creating a story gives you something to link back to the other pages you created. Google finds internal and external linking a good sign of a reputable and established business. The more pages you create for locations, individuals services, and project stories the more you’ll find you can link back upon and create that desirable internal web. But don’t forget that external links to other authoritative websites and blog posts also help. It requires concentrated effort and outreach, but we know you can do it.

As always, our support team here at Sparrow is here to help. Reach out to us any time.

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