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4 Logo Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Consider

What is the best way to design a logo?

People always ask, what do I need to do to make the best logo for my business? I’m going to give you the top four suggestions here at Launch Kits.

Look, we’re not stodgy and telling you you have to use our designers and our team or our solution. We’re going to lay it out for you as we always do. If you are an entrepreneur launching your business, the bottom line is this, the logo you design and come up with is going to be as effective as you make it.

“Your logo will be as effective as YOU make it.

– Launch Kits

If you put it on cards, if you wrap it around your car, if you put it on your shirt and your hat and all that stuff, people will know, see, and remember it. If you’re a retail business, you have different rules and trends that you should be following as opposed to a home service business, as opposed to an investor, as opposed to real estate, you know all that, you get that.


Rules about logos

There are some logo rules, for example, if you’re in retail, red and white are going to be the highest converting colors, whereas if you are more advisory and financial or consultative, then things like blue and muted tones are going to be more trust-building.

All of that research is out there, but when you actually design your logo there are so many affordable tools to help you out.

Our Logo Tool Suggestions


On Fiverr, you can spend $5 literally and get 20, 30, sometimes 40, crazy simple designs. And I always tell people, you can sort these by price, you can sort by budget. You can say my max is 10 bucks, and look, the last time you spent $10 on something, you just might get a little gold nugget back. I have car dealers that have spent $10 on Fiverr and ended up blowing up their logo across their wall, putting it on their back garage, putting it like they found some little legit gold nuggets.

Start with Fiverr, just skip your next cup of coffee, and that $10 you’ll see it back in a second. You might as well try it, no matter what you do, you might get a gold nugget.


Here’s the really cool thing about Looka. You can go super far in the design process without paying a dime.

So let’s just say you’re an investor and you do investments. Okay? And so you pick your category. You say, hey, I like these kinds of logos. You can keep scrolling. You can keep going, it’s trying to get a sense for your brand and feel. You can say, “I love blue and my slogan is ___”, and then you can pick different symbol groups that you like, and they’ll go ahead and design so many logo options.

And here’s the cool part on Looka, you can even go in and customize it, choose all these different colors, fonts, and options and customize all these things. You can see suggested new layouts, and within a cup of coffee, when you go to checkout, you want to go to the brand kit downloads, it’s going to try and upsell you, but you just need $65 on Looka and you’ll have web-ready files for your logo.

The cool thing is you can play in the sandbox till you’re ready and design something that’s actually pretty cool and will work on probably I’d guess 90% of the businesses and entrepreneurs I’m talking to.

3. 99 Designs

If you want to step up, you’re planning to go big and national, you really want to see a community come together. 99designs, you’re going to spend between 350 to 450 on a logo, 350 to 450. You’re going to get 60, 70, 80, sometimes over 100 logos from top designers around the world. They’re not chinsey logos. They’re really well thought out.

Some of them sneak through the cracks, but you can respond back and say, hey, I like this. I don’t like that, tweak it. Guess what? They will. In the little five-day contest they run, you get lots of options. Then you finalize down to four designers, you pick the ones you like, you work with them for another couple of days, and boom, you get amazing logos.

I’ve never had an entrepreneur say they wasted money on 99designs. It costs more, 350 to 450, but the outcome is great because you get to work with this online virtually with a ton of people. So what we did at Launch Kits, and we said, hey, if we want to help guide you through these options you’ve got the cheap ones you can do on your own. You’ve got a higher-end thing you can do on 99designs, we have a logo design.

4. Launch Kit Logos

We partnered with Gumption. It is $350. We kind of outlined the process, the simple strategy we take for building an online brand and launching it, the different variations you’ll get of your logo, and some samples that we’ve done. So that’s also an option if you just don’t want to have a say in it.

You’re not really sure how to tell the 99designs people the feedback you want and you just want an expert to go there. But the bottom line is, between Fiverr, between Looka, and between 99, you have plenty of options there.

So I look forward to seeing you on the journey, launch your business and let’s fly.

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