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ALL IN PODCAST with Rick Jordan

When Rick asked Justin to be on his ALL IN Podcast, neither of them knew what they were in for. If you wanted to hear more of Justin’s birth miracles, thoughts on healing, some controversial topics that most people don’t talk about, and… entrepreneurship… well, it was certainly an ALL IN discussion with Rick Jordan.

Turns out both host and guest had a lot more in common to talk about than just their passion to serve entrepreneurs and be excellent in life – so, why don’t you grab a seat and take a listen.

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Why God does not waste pain How to use creative energy to be successful How do you find your calling or purpose? Do you define yourself by what you are doing, or simply by who you are.  

Straight Truth: If you know who you are, you can find joy and satisfaction in whatever you do, but if you look to learn joy, satisfaction and fulfillment, from what you do, then that is a dangerous place to be.

About Justin:

With 22 different jobs, 2 church plants, a few failed startups, and a 10-year nonprofit adventure under my belt – all before my mid-30s – I am far from the poster child of “pick a career path and stick to it.” And somehow I evolved from a city boy to an experimental hobby farmer with 5 kids, 35 chickens (unless the fox got some last night), ducks, bunnies, cats, and a Bernese mountain dog named Maximus.

All that aside, although I was formally schooled in Geological Oceanography at one of the top ten oceanography programs–I am now the owner of Sparrow Websites – a web design shop that started with a nerd (named Adam) and a creative (yours truly) teaming up to bring a new approach to website design with options for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We serve over 250 small businesses!

The kicker? I shouldn’t even be alive. I was born 3.5 months early, at the end of the second trimester. I weighed 2lbs 4oz and was diagnosed as being deaf with cerebral palsy and given a 10% chance to live. A few miracles and a few decades later, it is obvious God had other plans.

Podcast Interview Highlights

“God never wastes pain.”

“People need to stop letting what they do define who they are – they first need to learn to know and embrace who they are, and then they’ll enjoy what they do, nomatter the task.”

“When the doctors said it is likely the life of the baby or the life of my mother that was in jeopardy – my mom already had made her decision…”

“If I had learned to embrace the process rather than trying to figure out what was next, I would have learned a lot faster and probably be smarter today.”

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