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A privacy policy is important to have noted on any website. It details your company’s views and procedures on the information collected from visitors. While many visitors won’t actually read your privacy policy word for word (hello, my bad habit of accepting things I don’t actually read…), privacy policies are something that are most important for Google to understand. 

A privacy policy is used by Google to understand what information from visitors you collect and how you use that information in your business. 

The bad news? You may have no idea the answer to that question. 

The good news? There are free generators out there that can do most of the privacy policy writing for you! 

Watch Sally Walk You Through It!

What’s included in a Privacy Policy?

Introduction: This section can tell your visitor a little about your organization and any special information or functions that your website has.

Information Collected: Visitors have a right to know what information you are collecting. It may be obvious that you are collecting personal details by asking them to complete a form, but you should make it clear. If you’re running any special tracking on your website, this is where that information goes, too. 

Method of Collection: How are you actually collecting the visitors’ data? Is it all automated? Do the forms visitors fill in collect other information? Include all methods that capture user information. 

Storage of Information: How is the information stored? Visitors have a right to know that you will make every effort to store their personal information in a safe and secure environment.

Contact details: It’s important to be as transparent as possible, and allow users to contact you if they have a query. While most users won’t have questions, contact information is essential to include.

How To Get Started

If you don’t already have a privacy policy, we highly encourage you to get one generated today. The process only takes a few minutes and with this free resource, the only things you need to know are as follows: 

  1. Are you generating a policy for an app or a website (most of you will just be for a website)
  2. What is your website URL?
  3. What is your website name? (ie: my website)
  4. Are you a business or an individual?
  5. What is your business name and address?
  6. What country and state are you located in?
  7. What kind of personal information do you collect from users? (if you’re unsure, check to see what fields are required on any forms on your website)
  8. How can customers contact you about your privacy policy? (we recommend listing a contact email address or contact page on your website) 

And voila! 

The rest is up to the generator. Simply process the policy, share the link with, and our team will get the new policy added to your website. 

Is that easy or what? 

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Have other questions about privacy policies, generators, or more? Give our team a shout today! We are always happy to help. 

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