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Design SMART Landing Pages

Don’t pay developers $150/hr to make a smart landing page! If you are trying to:

  • run paid ads
  • increase local SEO service area traffic
  • design SEO friendly landing pages

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use ELEMENTOR to make a smart “LURE” landing page that converts FOR FREE on your website!


  • Lure – reinforce offer/topic
  • Understand – let customer know you understand the pain/issue
  • Reputation reinforcement – from local clients or owner
  • Engagement – what to expect and how to start!

Today, I’m going to talk to you about how do you make a smart landing page.

With Launch Kits, we have this really cool, simple tool that allows you to duplicate a page, customize it, hit save, and go live.


For those of you in the entrepreneurial world who are rolling up your sleeves, doing some DIY updates to your website, the bottom line is three reasons you want a landing page.

  1. You should never run a paid ad campaign, PPC, Google, Facebook, wherever you’re advertising, to your homepage. You should run it to a very specific targeted landing page. So, number one, you need a landing page if you’re doing paid ads.
  2. You want a landing page if you’re looking to get some local service area traffic. For local SEO benefit, you want it very customized to that town, testimonials from that town, and throw that thing in the footer once you make it for some SEO value. So you want a landing page if you’re going after service areas.
  3. The third reason you want a landing page for is a specific service. If each of your services has its own landing page, that will give you more impact with Google, and allow you to share more specific info with customers.


In this video, I’m going to show you can quickly make a landing page. our elements you want on the landing page. So you got three reasons to make a landing page (paid ads, service areas, and specific services), but four things you need on a landing page: L-U-R-E.

You want to lure them in. All right. So let’s just check out just a simple, basic framework here for a homepage.


1 – Go into your homepage and duplicate it.

2 – You’ll see a draft of that page. We’ll “quick edit” and call it ‘landing page’ (for this demo)

(So you’ve changed the title. That’s all you need to do. The slug will automatically be generated. That’s the URL extension. So If you want to customize that, you customize it here. Just write it in.)

BONUS: Normally in a paid ad landing page, you could do what’s called “canvas” which takes out a header and footer and gives you a lot of very custom experience. You can then add in your own footer and header based on your targeted AD to keep a great conversion score on your page.

3 – Make page ‘published’ and save update.


4 – ALWAYS: Edit in Elementor in a new tab.


5 – L = LURE: Lure them in with the headline to match the ad or service area.

Ex: If the ad said $100 off Lawncare, the headline should say $100 off coupon for lawn care. If it’s a service area and it’s lawn care in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this is going to say Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s best lawn care.

6 – CHANGE the button to #go in the link. You’re going to change the main button link and text. We want to keep them on this page. So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to change that button to say get $100 off now (or free quote or whatever your thing is). And we’re going to change this link over here to #go.

7 – Update the lower section CSID to “go” (no quotes, just the word go)

INSIGHT: Check this out. You guys are going to flip at how easy it is. Developers will make this sound super complex and you need to hire them for $150 an hour, but that’s not what you get here at Launch Kits. You get real honest, easy help. That’s called an anchor link.

8 – Paste your main button to REPLACE the other buttons on the page.

Everywhere there’s a button, you’re going to paste the button. We’re going to keep throwing people down the page/funnel.


We want to let them know we understand their pain. We understand the issue. So “We know taking care of your, whatever, taking care of your lawn means more time than you care to spend.” Whatever the thing is, you want to help them. U, understand. We understand the problem and we’re the experts that are going to solve it. So in a landing page the U, keeping it really simple.


How do they know that you are the expert and that you have done this before? (And here’s the cool thing. On your homepage you probably have a section a little further down that’s reputation centered, like a testimonial from someone. Just copy that.)

TIP: The way you do that in Elementor is you’re going to either click on a plus button or row, simply copy, and then you can paste!

If this is lawn care, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this better be a Lancaster, Pennsylvania testimonial and a Lancaster, Pennsylvania home. If it’s a statement from the owner about why they’re standing by, you want to customize it to be a testimonial. That’s the R so your reputation, you can pull in some facts, you can just click and drag some of these around your webs site from somewhere else on your website. You’re reinforcing, whatever the great things are about you that are already on your site.

And now you are to the L-U-R-E, engagement. So the basically people want to know if I engage with you, what can I expect? And how do I do that? So again, we’ve already got this element on your homepage, what to expect. What’s the engagement E look like? You can tweak that if you need to, there’s some design things here like taking out that space.

12 – Delete any non-essential sections (or copy and add/edit to make new or longer sections)

13 – KEEP IT EASY to begin.

A nice indexing local SEO page for services, or an ad landing page that is live is BETTER than one that is going thru 3-4 weeks of mock ups and overthinking your word choices.

I want to keep it easy for you.

Now you’ve got a beautiful high converting landing page that’s going to cover it way better than throwing them to your homepage because you’re specifically addressing the ad you did, the service area that they clicked on, or a service-specific area, like SEO specific content.

So, right there, friends, is how it works. The reason why you have all those buttons is because when you go to mobile here in your view, people are always, you just want to keep moving them down to convert on a form or click through to a consultation page.

Landing pages. It’s key to being successful.

Hopefully, this shows you how simple it is.


If you’re a client of ours, you can go to, our Command Center. If you want us to build that for you, check it out, go to the Command Center and right here, just request a new landing page. Give us the information we ask, which is very similar to what I just outlined, throw some photos in here. and we will have that for you live.

Come on, we’re on the same team as you.

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