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We are embarking on a new season here at Sparrow and we are excited to share about the exciting season ahead!

I am going to take the reigns as the sole owner at Sparrow so my partners Adam and Joe can pursue some new passion projects while I, Justin, remain the indefatigable leader at Sparrow Websites. (Don’t worry, I had to google that big word to come up with a smart way to say “firmly committed and tirelessly persistent”.)

To make sure our current and future customers can depend on the excellent service and results that they’ve come to know and love, Adam will be at Sparrow part-time to continue assisting in the marketing and strategy side of things – while he steps out into his own digital strategy and training brand in digital marketing. Joe will continue creating our special video sauce here at Sparrow while pursuing some new creative interests.

For you, nothing will change. (Well, I guess there will be a little less flannel around the office during any given day…) Sparrow will continue to provide excellent service and expert counsel for all our entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, please reach out ( and I’ll be happy to continue this dialogue. We are eager to continue serving you!

Fly high, Adam and Joe!

Watch our announcement video here:

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