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How GMB will work within 2 weeks with a Launch Kit

How can my business get found on Google sooner? First things first, when you set up a Launch Kit or website with Sparrow, one of the things you get is an optimized, on-site setup and build for search. What does that mean? When someone hears about you and goes to Google your name or business, your website will populate on Google in organic search results and Google My Business search results within a few weeks. 

Because there are so many websites launched each and every day, Google needs to trust and understand your business before it populates your website in keyword search results. On the other hand, branded search authority can help your website show up in search results in just a few weeks, if not sooner.

The Importance of Branded Search 

When we use the term branded search, we mean just that: people are searching for your brand. Branded search results can include your name or your business name and similar variations of each (think people who misspell a word or don’t include the full business name). 

Branded search has a huge impact on how your brand and website show up digitally. This is an easy win for Launch Kit and Sparrow Website customers, because your website is already optimized for this type of search. While the marketing and ongoing efforts you put into your digital presence build upon this, you could let your website go without making any changes or additions to your marketing strategy and your Sparrow product would still populate within a few weeks for branded search. 

*Keyword* Near Me 

In comparison to branded search, we have many clients ask us how they can show up for specific search terms. If you want to show up in search results faster for your “desired keyword” near me local search, our 10-week boot camp is a great next step. The boot camp covers everything you need to know about creating and executing a sound marketing strategy that builds keywords and influences your website’s rankings. 

If the boot camp doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, you can also seek agency assistance in SEO services. You can learn more about Sparrow SEO services and 10-week boot camp today

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