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How KEYWORD TERM search results can work with our 10 Week Boot Camp

Organic Indexing 

This is a long process, and this generally takes about 3-6 months. Google takes time to understand your business, learn about what you do, and organically display your website based on keyword searches. 

Google Map Pack 

Google Map Pack is a great way to show up in organic search results and is fairly simple to do. While this also takes some time, map pack results are based on consistency of listing information, local keywords based on your website category, and reviews. All of your listing information is taken into consideration in these results. 

So how do you resonate for specific keywords locally in search results?

Keyword Specific Landing Pages

The best way to rank for specific keywords on Google organically is by creating keyword-specific landing pages. For clients who purchase Deluxe Launch Kits with Sparrow, keyword-specific landing pages are built into your website, but for those who don’t, creating new pages on your website is well within reach. 

We offer many tools and resources that help you create and build keyword-specific pages that align your business with the search results you want to rank for. Make sure that as you’re building out your brand, you follow our 10-week boot camp to learn more about SEO landing pages. Sparrow also offers SEO services that do just that for you! 

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