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How Launch Kits Work for Realtors

Sparrow Launch Kits will work for anyone serving in any industry, but real estate professionals have some unique perks to having their own website and we want to outline them here. 

To illustrate the key points, we will cover how it will move when you move, the importance of designing your personal brand, customizing for your audience, how to use landing pages effectively, and its unlimited growth. 

(Enjoy the samples from actual Launch Kits below!)

1. A Website that Moves with You

We understand that as an agent, you won’t necessarily stay with one agency your entire career.  That’s why you need a website that is personalized for you and can easily be updated to reflect your journey.  Your own website is vital because it is the bedrock of your online presence and allows you to reach your audience at their very first step in the search for a home, considering over half of all buyers find the home they bought on the internet.

Our websites for Real Estate agents provide multiple page options and layouts for you to customize your website to suit your specific real estate needs, from local directories and social pages to client testimonials and resources for buyers and sellers. 

Considering the fact that marketing will take the majority of your time, having a website in order to collect leads and promote name recognition will greatly help in this aspect of your business.| Designed by Sparrow Websites

2. Defining your Personal Brand

Designing a website means you’re trying to create a reflection of your style and personality so that people can see in living color what you stand for and know what to expect when they contact you.  The more time you spend on building or fleshing out your brand means the less effort you’ll need to do later on trying to sell – especially if your website echos your other off-line efforts. Your goal should be to make your name synonymous with the qualities you’re promoting.

The beauty of Launch Kits is that you can personalize your voice, your images, your ‘calls to action’ and you are not stuck on a design platform or system that only gives you a limited set of options.

Your website should show YOU, speak YOU, smell and feel like YOU before they even shake your hand.| Designed by Sparrow Websites

3. Customizing for your Audience

It’s no secret that everyone wants what they want and sometimes it feels impossible to get exactly what they want because nothing ever fits perfectly.  Can you actually “have it all” in this world?

Well, we’re here to tell you… Sparrow’s Launch Kits are fully customizable for your real estate needs. You can make a page specifically geared toward seniors looking to downsize, for Millennials looking for their family home, or for the first-time buyer wanting a fixer-upper.  Your Launch Kit is not limited, and you can make as many customized landing pages as you need to reach your audience in every stage of their life.

Another area your Launch Kit is fully equipped to handle would be landing pages for specific locations where you can focus on highlighting images and taking a tour through the neighborhood.  Adding all the local delights, regional information, school districts and listings in that area would make searching for a home all the more enjoyable.

If your target is a specific type of home buyer or seller, then your website should reinforce that message. It should resonate with them – through language, images, and on-site education – which is all easily customized with a Launch Kit website.

4. Designing Ad-Specific Landing Pages

As a realtor, you have a challenging job.  Selling, in general, requires a special kind of person; but real estate is known for being the industry with the most stakes (as well as the highest potential gains). 

Having specific landing pages designed to target your ad groups is a secret to success. Launch Kits give you the ability to link to your social media and create ads that will draw people to your website where they can get to know you before they’ve even spoken to you.

Want some real-time tips? To see this in action, Wordstream has shared their tips on creating engaging and effective landing pages on your website (which will tip the scales helping you succeed with high conversion rates).  So, let’s talk about how this will work for you.

Converting clicks from web-surfing people into actual leads requires a lot of calculated decisions, not the least of which is your website.  Casting a wide net out into social media might get you lots of clicks, but if that click doesn’t direct them into an immediately appealing, engaging experience, you’ve lost.

Sparrow’s Launch Kit gives you the ability to personally craft multiple landing pages with various goals in mind.  Being able to reach a wide variety of potential clients being pulled in from multiple sources requires lots of planning and multiple designs.  For some examples of ideal landing pages, you can check out these ideas by real estate experts and use them when creating your own pages with the Launch Kit. | Designed by Sparrow Websites

5. Ready for Unlimited Growth

Finally, since your aim is to grow (I’m going out on a limb since you’re here exploring ways to advertise yourself), our Launch Kits are suited to whatever audience size you are and will grow with you. 

Launch Kits may have a small price tag, but they are packed with unlimited growth potential being built on the #1 SEO WordPress Platform with full website features and functionality.

Along with staying current on real estate trends and updating your website for listings, you can easily implement all the analytics you collect from advertising on social media and other marketing strategies on your website.  Use all the tools (like IDX integrations) you have to help your brand grow and your Launch Kit will expand to meet the demand.

IDX integrations so customers can search, save, find, and contact you about active listings and open-houses is all easily done through Launch Kits. So long as your IDX provider has a WP Plugin, we can add it to your site! | Designed by Sparrow Websites

We would love to answer any further questions you may have about our Launch Kits for Real Estate Agents. 

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