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Install Google Analytics Tracking

We wanted to show you the simple way you can add visitor tracking from Google (free) onto your website to find out where visitors are coming from, what they do when they arrive, and how you can improve your website!

Step 1: Setup your Analytics Account

Prefer visual and written instructions? Just scroll down:

Go to and click “Start Measuring” to setup your account.

Click START MEASURING and login with your main google account (gmail, calendar etc) that you use.
  1. Account Setup – Enter your website domain and then simply leave the recommended options.

2. Property Setup – Under “property name” type the name of your website followed by “website”. Leave the recommended options.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sparrow-blog-analytics-003-1024x850.png

3. About Your Business – If you can find a Business Category that matches your business, pick it. If not, select other.

Pick a category

Select your Business Size

Pick the size that fits best

Choose how you want to use google analytics. For starters, we recommend measure customer engagement and increase my conversions.


4. Terms of Service – Agree to the terms of service.

5. Email Communications – Select which notifications you would like to receive. We recommend performance suggestions and updates.

Step 2: Set up a Data Stream

Think of streams as a pathway for data to get from your website into google analytics.

For starters, select a web stream:

Choose Web

Input your site URL without the https://, and name your stream “Website”

Leave the measuring options as is, and then click CREATE STREAM

Find and copy your ‘script’ tag from your Analytics Account

Step 3: Find and copy your ‘script’ tag from your Analytics Account

Under the Web stream you just created, click on the Global Site Tag tab.


Copy the ALL of the code in that tab. This code is what helps google track your site.

This code is private and unique to you! We blurred ours out.

In the next step. you’re going to paste that code into your website.

Step 4: Easily add to your website or Launch Kit

Paste your tag into your “Insert Headers and Footer” plugin on your website.

(If you don’t see that plugin under ‘settings’, then simply go to ‘plugins’, search for ‘insert header and footer’, and install and activate the plugin.)

Step 4: Watch your data

Save and watch the data flow!

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