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John Force Racing Custom Website

At Launch Kits, we love launching affordable and effective websites in just 5 days! We get to work with so many awesome people using our proven templates to get websites launched fast and found online. 

However, from time to time, custom websites are something we do when the right opportunity knocks. When we were first contacted by NHRA drag racing team John Force Racing we knew that it could be one of those moments. 

From the moment the John Force Racing team called us a “magical unicorn” we knew we were destined to launch a great website for this nationally renowned team. 

For those of you not in the racing world, John Force Racing is a team founded by John Force, a 72 year old 16-time world champion in the sport. John holds the most all-time records of any driver in NHRA history. And it’s a family affair. Three of his daughters have raced on the team. Currently, the John Force Racing team consists of 4 drivers. 

The team came to us in need of a website that was clean in design, optimized for blog articles, and had a loading time faster than 300+ mph they travel down the track. 

1.Beginning Stages

We started with presenting two potential homepage designs to the team. We designed and built these options right in the development site so that the team could see exactly how the homepage could function. 

When the team decided on a favorite homepage design approach we applied cohesive design elements including fonts, colors, and image placement across each page. 

2. Under Development

After we had a framework under our belts it was time to get down to the business of plugging all the content in. Working with the John Force team, we took their amazing race photos, informative text, and placed them in the design we had created. 

3.Ready to Launch? 

Once all the content was in place we went through our pre-launch checklist making sure each button was linked, the font was consistent, the forms were linked to emails and more. We crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s and had video check ins along the way. 

4.Launch Day

When it was time to launch we transferred the domain to the new host site and we were LIVE! 

5. Race Day!

The week we launched, John Force Racing was competing at Maple Grove Speedway, not too far from our office. The team generously gave us a behind the scenes look at what goes in to their racing weekend and we can report back that it is no joke. These cars are pure power racing at over 300miles per hour down the track. It was a thrill! 

John Force Racing is bound to have more wins and success in the years to come and we’ll be there for every website update they need along the way.

Maybe a custom website is the right fit for your business. Reach out today to start the conversation!

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