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Justin on Winning at Business and Life with Pete Alexander

Professor Pete has figured out how to keep short attention spans fed with helpful and engaging tips and insights: 6 questions with a 7-minute deadline.

If you didn’t know Justin’s first job or wanted to know one of the greatest tips he has for other small business owners, then check out the video of their podcast interview below:

If you have ever cornered Justin and tried to get ‘just the facts’ without the backstory (you know this is an area he is working on)… and, apparently, Pete got it out of him on his LinkedIn interview.

If you want to hear other insightful business leaders who were put in the hot seat with Pete, then check out his LinkedIn page or sign up to follow his quick-hitting podcast and follow his FB page too.

Needless to say – the professor has got an A in value!

Work like it depends on you, rest like it depends on God.

Whether your business exceeds or fails, whether your idea flops or not, it’s not a reflection on you and who you are.

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