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Justin on Grow Your Business with Saul Edmonds

Ever wonder if Justin would actually try out his Australian accent on a native Aussie? Well, this interview might be his lucky break or epic downfall – you’ll have to listen to see what happened.

Along the way, when a graphic designer and website designer get down under to chat about life, websites, a customer wants vs. needs, and good design principles… (did you catch the down under joke?)… you get an entertaining interview.

Podcast Interview Highlights

“A website shouldn’t just look like ‘yourself in a mirror,’ but it should also reflect your ability to listen to your customers and reflect what they expect to see and hear.  It’s a fine line and a carefully-crafted result of listening well.”

“Don’t fall for just getting [your customers] ‘to the next step’ when you can actually get them to pause, engage, and feel something real.  Only then can they genuinely decide if they want to take the next step”

“People aren’t as robotic online as some loud marketing voices may tell you they are.  And in certain industries, unique design elements are preferred.”

“The old adage, ‘Treat others as you want to be treated’ is a good rule for how you conduct your entire life: running a small business, living your life, and treating your neighbors.”

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