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Justin on The Real Estate Marketing Podcast

5 Things Real Estate Professionals Should Fix On Their Website 

In this episode, Justin reveals the five things real estate professionals should fix or update on their website for the best chance to reach customers.

Those five things are:

  • Explain your buying/selling “next steps” step-by-step. Will you text them right back? Call them? Have coffee with them? Let customers know what to expect next.
  • Tell potential customers something personal about yourself / your team beyond the “license” so they can connect with you personally.
  • Make it easy to leave feedback (both good and bad) so you can grow your online reputation. With Launch Kits, we created a simple feedback loop for your website.
  • You don’t need to pay for IDX fees! Wait till the data shows people want that on your website. You can simply start with a strong brand website and skip the integration fees with MLS.
  • Set up a Google My Business listing – it’s free and will follow you no matter what agency you work with.

PLUS – Stay tuned to the end of the interview for a Bonus Tip! You can visit 717HomeBuyers to learn about Glanzair and the services they offer.

Podcast Highlights

“We’ve been watching data, watching the numbers, listening to buyers and sellers, and fixing websites accordingly. So we know what customers are expecting on your website.”

“Keep your automated responses authentic and personal, like: “I’m watching the Eagles right now, but as soon as they score (which is never) I’ll get back to you.”

“Have a cup of coffee with your blog. Most of the things you need to do each week to keep your website strong – you can do over a cup of coffee each week.”

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