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Justin Rule on Falling Forward with Emilia Gardner

Building Sites for Small Businesses

by Sparrow Websites on August 18, 2020

An engaging conversation led by Emilia Gardner about the many start-ups and failures in Justin’s past, and seeing how it paved the way to starting Sparrow Websites. His goal in life, now exhibited in building websites for small businesses, is the opportunity to provide a service to someone and do it really well.

Podcast Interview Highlights

“Success is trying, and [having the] willingness to fail…. It’s just another step in the journey.”

“There is so much noise out there for small business owners in the digital marketing space – but wisdom is to start simple with the basics, be consistent, and let the data drive you.”

“The best ‘lead gen’ is doing things right, watching how your customers use what you thought was going to work, and then making it work the way they expected it to. You never get it ‘right’, you just get it ‘more right’ each time you tweak your website.”

“When people say you can’t get a smart, fast, mobile-friendly website custom-built for less than $1,000 – they haven’t learned about Launch Kits.”

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