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Justin Rule on The After Hours Entrepreneur with Mark Savant

Chatting with Mark Savant was like telling an eager new client all Sparrow’s secrets to making a website smart, fast, automated, and a conversion machine.

Mark’s The After Hours Entrepreneur podcast is rated one of the Top 100 iTunes podcasts for entrepreneurs – and he gives practical and solid insights for those of you launching your own gig!

We talked about the best free tools, current research and trends, simple ways to automate your processes (unapologetically), and gave some of our special sauce tips that anyone can do instantly to increase their conversion on their website.

Plus Justin shared his idea for a billboard that a million people should see.

All these – PLUS MORE – are coming soon! Stay tuned 🙂

Podcast Interview Highlights

“The first thing you can do is eliminate sliders. The data shows they distract visitors from moving through your site effectively, and nobody stays around to watch all 8 slides you thought were so important.”

“Automate unapologetically… but be intentional and transparent in creative and unique ways when doing so.”

“Giving people one question at a time is key – so you don’t want 4 buttons and 3 bold headlines all screaming at them at the same time. Simplify and spread out the questions on a page with clear calls to action.”

“Don’t ask for marriage on the first date – meaning, if the first thing they see on your site is ‘Get A Quote!’ or ‘Sign Up Now!’ it typically doesn’t work because they don’t know anything about you or your services, yet – so take it slower before asking them to commit.”

“Stop thinking ‘blog’ and start thinking ‘answer their questions’ and it will make your job a lot easier.”

“Data shows that many small business owners have a website that only reaches 2/3 of their audience – because they don’t have enough content to serve the 1/3 of people who want to know EVERYTHING before connecting. So they lose 1 out of every 3 potential customers.”

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