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Justin Rule on The Profit Protocol with Paul Conant

Websites & Automation: Exploring New Ways to Market

Paul Conant gives you tactics and tips to create a strategic, systemized, and scaleable business by giving you practical steps from the Seven Pillars of a Successful Business on how to create relationships with your potential customers.  He questions Justin about his entrepreneurial background and how he landed on websites and continues on to explore new ways to market a small business in 2020.

Podcast Interview Highlights

“Most entrepreneurs, myself included, didn’t understand prior to getting into this life that it doesn’t just require a good idea and a good face, it requires someone to keep pedaling the bike.”

“There are a ton of free tools out there to help with consistency in your marketing, follow up, onboarding process, and quote/estimate processes! MailChimp, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, and Calendly…”

If you think your success depends on your working 80-hour weeks and doing everything right, that’s just not true. In fact, we named our business Sparrow to remind us that Jesus told us He provides for the sparrows. So, yes, I have to water and put in the work; but the actual growth comes from the man upstairs.”

“The thrilling part is being able to get the light to turn on…  Websites really give me a chance to help other people’s ideas have a face online.”

People grumble, “Automation is impersonal.”

I 100% agree… if it isn’t intentional.

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