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Roofer Website Tips For Best Results

Roofing websites must have three (3) features to convert visitors into leads. We built hundreds of websites and are showing you the top 3 features every roofer website needs to outrank their competition.

Launch Kits is here to show you the way to make your roofing website convert better.

We’ve built hundreds of roofing websites for roofers all across the country from west coast to east coast, down south and in the midwest: Roofing company websites have common features that help them be found by Google convert customers and educate people on why they are better than the competition or what they have to offer. 

1. Scheduling Call To Action

The number one that every roofing website needs to have in order to convert visitors into leads is a very clear scheduling tool for FREE inspections with a very clear scheduling call to action.

The form can be a calendar link and should be as little as you need to get the lead.

It really depends what works best for your business, how much information you want, or you can pick different issues you’re having and different types of roof you’re interested in. 

Make it very easy for customers to reach out to you about getting a free estimate on your website. 

2. Location Specific Pages

The second thing a roofing website needs to have is location specific landing pages. That means if you offer roofing services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you should have a page that says Lancaster, PA roofing services. If you offer them in York, Pennsylvania, you shouldn’t have a page that says that you can have graphics like this, that outline different locations, but ideally each of these pages needs to have a landing page.

So you’ll see here, if you enter a zip code into here, whether or not you have a page or not, in this particular example, it will lead to a specific landing page for that service. 

Keep it local:

  • local call to action
  • local phone number
  • local address
  • local work samples
  • local maps
  • Local review. 

You need to have a local landing page for the service areas that you are targeting so that when Google looks for you, it won’t just send them to a homepage. It will send them to a very specific page for each location. 

3. Service Specific Pages

The third element is specific landing pages for each service. In order to convert visitors into leads is service specific landing pages. So rather than just saying, we do residential roofing and having a list, you need a page with that H1 title that talks about that service gives the expected process for someone who needs that service.

Having a landing page will then be indexed with Google. So if you do a particular type of roofing, a particular niche service that you’re a market segment that you’re going after, you can talk specifically to that person. So you’re going to talk to someone, looking for a metal roof, different than someone looking for a slate roof, different than someone looking for a rubber roof, different than someone looking for a commercial roof. 

A lot of roofing companies also do side services like siding, gutters, windows doors. And so those that each also have their own pages for those services that allows you to talk directly to the customer and point out features like, you know, workmanship warranties or lifetime guarantees that would set you apart from your competition, or maybe a partnership with a shingle or a roofing product provider that you have a partnership with that again, sets you apart from everybody.


So, as an overview. The three things you need on a roofing roofing website in order to convert:

You need to have very clear, simple, free estimate, free assessment, simple lead capture tools on your website. It can also be chat bots. 

You need to have location specific landing pages for each region that you’re going after. 

Number three, each service you provide should not just be listed on a page. It should have a standalone page that Google can find when it searches for you. 

Bottom line is if you don’t have these 3 things you’re missing out on leads.

Not sure how you stack up?

Google your name! You’ll see how Google is indexing you just by searching your name and being able to see the different separate pages it is indexing. 

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