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Sparrow Websites Storage Unit Launch Kit Websites: Features, Designs, and More

Spotlight: Book Now Storage 

Book Now Storage is a storage company based out of Iowa that we helped launch digitally using Sparrow Websites Launch Kits. We provided a solution for their needs that addressed problematic integrations, on-site SEO power, and a beautifully user-friendly layout.

In the launch process, we helped nail down a domain name that had little competition in their area and that quickly ranked for local search results for the company. On their website, we also encouraged their team to pull together a custom coupon integration that draws users in. We built them a website that features their process, call to action buttons for users encouraging them to engage with their services, custom pathways to easily navigate the site, and custom links for different types of customers.

Self-storage websites 

For self-storage businesses in need of a custom, affordable website, Launch Kits has everything you need. These templated websites are specifically designed with your industry in mind and all of the integrations you need to keep your business rolling and your customers happy.

Our team of experts is constantly researching and monitoring what works well on websites, what conversation practices best suit your users, and other website principles that impact your site traffic – like its load speed, mobile layout, service pathways, and more. 

Conversion practices that work well 

Many businesses think that they need to drive more traffic to their website. But the truth is, if you can improve the conversion rate of your current website traffic, you can create more sales, build more long-term relationships, and create more repeat business. We help you convert website visitors into paying customers.

Integrations, features, and more

We understand your unique needs and build websites with your integration needs in mind. While many other competitors have problematic integrations, we’ve created a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing leasing and rental systems.

Some of our custom self storage websites include: 

  • Custom countdowns and coupons
  • Sticky Menus 
  • Location-specific landing pages and pathways to individual GMB pages
  • Trending resources such as a size guide or cost guide
  • Mobile-friendly design and layout
  • Anchor links that jump to specific information on a page
  • Pay now direct links
  • Custom icons
  • Integrations with third-party booking and leasing platforms

Getting Started 

Is your storage company in need of a new website that is effective, affordable, and a simple to manage solution? Sparrow loves working with service industry clients to create converting websites without the large up front costs that look beautiful and represent brands. Get your new website today in as little as 5 days! 

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