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The 4 W’s of Content Marketing

WHY content marketing?  

First, what is content marketing? It is creating content like videos and blog posts that show off your expertise and is interesting to your audience.  It is meant to convert strangers into customers for your business.

Why should we use it? It is the most effective, free tool that will help your business grow most quickly.  When people search for things on Google within your industry, you want your business and services to come up higher on the page in response.  Having great content, both on your website and on social media will help you grow more quickly. As people find you, they will share and refer your business to others.

WHAT should I post when I want to do content marketing strategy?

This creepy guy actually talks to you, but don’t be scared… the tool is still awesome!

A free tool that will help you create unique content that will help you rise to the top of search engines is ANSWER THE PUBLIC.  When you type in a general topic, this search engine will show you the top questions that people are asking in Google.  This is a very helpful brainstorming tool you can use for creating content that people care about and want to know the answers to.

Another tool that gives vital information about how popular a particular question is on Google is AHREFS. It is not free* but is very useful in that it shows you which questions are highly competitive and which ones have the least amount of content and would be easier to get your content noticed with a higher ranking.

*As part of the LaunchKit process, Sparrow would be happy to run a report on keywords specific to you.  Contact your account manager for more details.

WHO is going to create this content?

You are the best person to do the work in creating meaningful content for your business.  I mean, who knows it better than you?  If you’re not confident in your writing skills, Sparrow has created a blog post explaining how one of their writers creates content; but, in addition, there are tools in which you can make a short recording explaining the answer to a key question your audience might have, and then get it transcribed that into a blog post.  There is a tool called REV where you can submit recordings and they will transcribe it for $1.25 per minute.

Another option for creating content would be a platform like Textbroker or WriterAccess.  These content mills are employed with hundreds of writers with varying levels of skill and expertise.  Each company has different methods of operation, but some have options where you can search their writer’s profiles and see their writing styles before you choose. Or you can opt for a specific skill level you believe you need for good content rather than searching specific writers which will then land in the “pool” as an open job for any writer of that ranking.  The higher the skill level, the higher the price per word.

Probably the best option for creating unique and well-written content would be to hire a personal writer who will take time to learn you and your business.  It would be much more personalized, but also more of a monetary investment.

There are lots of ways to create more content for your website with a minimum of time and effort, but for the return of investment (ROI) and bringing in new customers… totally worth it!

WHERE do I post this stuff?

Your blog is the perfect home to display all your creative and informative content for your audience to find as they search your website.  The LaunchKit has the blog feature built into it so you can turn it on any time you like.  Along with that, you can also put your library of work on your social networks, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.  Choose your platform carefully, as each one caters to specific industries better than others.

In summary, starting a content strategy is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.  It is important to begin brainstorming and plan your course of action immediately so you can start creating unique content and advertise your brand.  Let us know how we can help!

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