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The Extraordinary Give Is Coming!

Nov. 20, 2020

It’s that festive time of year when people are thinking about giving, whether it’s family Thanksgiving or present-giving holidays.  But there are also some opportunities to consider the non-profits in your community that are gearing up for their fundraising season as well.

Lancaster’s nationally recognized The Extraordinary Give is an event that hosts a marathon of giving over a 24-hour period with lots of prizes and challenges for the non-profit organizations that choose to participate. All donations are ‘stretched’ by a matching prize pool of money in accordance with the total funds raised – simply genius.

The requirements to join as an organization are that you must:
  1. Be a 501(c)(3) public charity.
  2. Serve the residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  3. Prove that your non-profit has current state registrations to raise funds and have had an independent audit or financial review recently.

Here at Sparrow, we get excited about supporting non-profits that serve our local community. The Extra Give is near and dear to our hearts because we’ve been on both sides of the event!

Both Justin and Adam have launched and served non-profits in the past and even now (through Sparrow) design websites for nonprofits each month. The Extra Give is a fun way to rally your most die-hard fans and aggressive supporters through advertising on Facebook or Twitter as the evening progresses so they can see the fun as prizes are awarded at random, banding together to try and win extra money for having the most donations or even trying to get a donation during one specific ‘special giveaway’ part of the day.

Bonus prizes are awarded at random throughout the day to organizations whose donors give during a specific time slot – which boosts the overall give to their favorite organization.

“As a former founder and executive director of a nonprofit, I know first hand the way our community is shaped by the hands and hearts that serve our community to make it a better place to work, live, and play in! The Extra Give is an amazing chance for us to rally together to support the great work being done by Community Benefit Organizations and Ministries across our county!”

-Justin Rule, Founder of Sparrow Websites

Because we love supporting local non-profits here at Sparrow, we want to give a shout-out to those that we serve with our website services. We hope you join us and participate in Lancaster’s largest day of giving online at on November 20!

Local nonprofits Sparrow has designed websites for:

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