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The Number One Way To Make Your Business Grow Online

We spilled the beans.

Justin here, founder of Launch Kits where we can have you live in five days.

Hey entrepreneurs, I want to give you my number one tip for when you launch your website online… and it is what we do.

I’m serious.

This is the way to make sure your brand grows. This is the way to make sure your audience finds you. And this is the way to make sure that you’re offering and serving them with the very things that they want.

So often we can get tunnel-visioned about what we want to do to serve them. Instead of listening to what they want and positioning our services to meet their needs.

Are you ready?

It’s gonna be better than any SEO article you read.

This is it: Have a cup of coffee with your website every week.

I’m not even messing around. This is it, have a cup of coffee with your website every week.

If you can sit down with your website and for 20 minutes you have a cup of coffee with your website…. create a simple plan, put it on your calendar. Every Friday at whatever o’clock, you just spend 20 minutes. Or the end of your lunch period. End it 20 minutes early and just kind of hang out with your website and you just make a plan.

The plan (or a plan) to use:

The week one of every week, I’m going to make a new social graphic in Canva.

Week two of every week. I’m going to look at my analytics, see where my customers are going, what they love on my website.

Week three, I’m going to go to, Google my own keyword. Find out what people have asked Google in the last week or month about my service and type up a little blog answer to that question.

In week four, I’m going to make sure that I reach out for some reviews and testimonials so I can keep my case studies.

The Alternative

Listen, you can hire a firm. You can pay them tons of money to try and understand you, your business, and your customers. But guess what? Your administrator who answers the phone every day, you who meet your customers and serve them directly every day, you’re the ones that know.

So just grab a cup of coffee with your websites.

With our Launch Kits team, it’s about being live, learning, and growing. Instead of kind of staying in a hole and trying to think about what they might want and what they might do.

It’s not ready, shoot, aim.

It’s ready, aim, shoot, check out if you missed it, readjust, ready, shoot.

It’s… do it, grow, and go. Instead of trying to come up with some magic set it and forget it formula. That’s not really how business works.

Every day you wake up to a new day, new things happening, new desires from your customer. So tip from Launch Kits, man, have a cup coffee with your website.

We’ll see you on the journey. Look forward to next time.

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