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This ACTUAL Rocket Launch Illustrates What Business Owners Get SO Wrong About Their Websites

I love this headline from Gizmodo this week.

How a Single Human Hair Nearly Halted a SpaceX Launch

The story is that a single human hair stopped a SpaceX rocket launch on October 1 because it was caught in the door seal of the rocket. From the article:

“The incident happened on October 5 at around 10:25 a.m. ET, as a SpaceX pad crew was preparing Crew Dragon Endurance for launch atop a Falcon 9 rocket. With the four Crew-5 astronauts already inside the capsule and the hatch closed, an attentive eye spotted a single human hair in the latch seal. The hair was designated FOD—an engineering term for foreign object debris—requiring the pad crew to take action…They performed another inspection, thoroughly re-cleaned the seal area, and closed the hatch for the second and final time. A subsequent pressure check confirmed a tight seal.”

That level of attention to detail makes a ton of sense in the aerospace industry. 

Human lives are at stake, the margin for error is infinitesimal, and millions (billions?) of dollars have gone into developing these vehicles. 

Some small business owners feel the same way about their websites. 

They spend thousands of dollars on custom websites, tweaking every minute detail and taking months to launch their site. 

Don’t let PERFECT get in the way of GREAT.

– Someone who spent 6 months building a website for their startup

Is the final product great? 


Will selecting the perfect lifestyle image out of two dozen options help them make an extra sale?


Did that extra cost and perfectionism move the needle for their business in the 6 months it took to go live? 

Probably not. 

I’ve seen it many times – the business owner looking for the perfect custom site (for thousands of dollars!) who takes months to launch…simply because they’re involved in fine-tuning every detail. 

Don’t let “foreign object debris” get in the way of your business. Don’t let PERFECT get in the way of GREAT.

At Launch Kits, we’re not putting people into space, we’re putting your business on a rocket – that means moving fast and launching fast to help you get found.

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