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Top 10 Tips for a SMART Domain

Don’t waste your money overpaying for a domain. Here’s how to get a KILLER domain that is smart for your business – for just $12 from

You’ll love our tips for launching since they have been proven to work for over 500 businesses we have launched online!

QUICK TIPS At a Glance

  1. 2-word domains are better than 3… in most cases (1 can confuse). Ex: WizardHardscaping vs WizardCoHardscaping – no need to add “Co” in there.
  2. Location helps – you get a slight SEO bump. Ex: A business named Spotless Cleaners in Houston, Texas should go with HoustonCleaners vs SpotlessCleaners to help Google know where they are located and have a better search result.
  3. 15 character limit is ideal so you can grab your /cooldomain extensions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc for brand consistency
  4. Avoid double letters. Ex: BillsSeafood or IdealLawncare
  5. Avoid the ‘hyphen’. You’ll tell everyone that “you need the dash” Ex: bills-seafood and miss emails that don’t include the “-“
  6. Easy to say – easy to spell (think Siri and Alexa) Ex: Prometheus Solutions or Realing Ideas LLC or Siegrist Home Group will all be misspelled.
  7. Avoid plural. You’ll always be saying “websites… with an s” or ‘Utah painters co’ — painters with an ’s’… so usually you want to skip the s on the end.
  8. Add an adjective! BEST TIP: Beat your competition on “Columbus Flooring” by simply adding “choose” / “go” / “call” / “pick” etc ahead of the main name/domain.
  9. Make it outlast your tenure. Ex: Justin’s Financial Services vs Strong Financial – nix the founders name from the domain.
  10. It doesn’t have to be your LLC – it can be your tagline ( vs LoveEachBite or

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