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Top 5 Ways To Be Found Online for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Everyone will find you online 1 of these 5 ways:

  • By Name
  • By Keyword
  • YouTube
  • Listings/ Top 10 Directory or Listing Sites
  • Social

Ready to learn the Top Five ways to be found online? 

I’m going to give them to you. 

If you’re a small business owner, or an entrepreneur, or a startup, or nonprofit… these are the top five ways you are going to be found online. 

1. By Name Search

Number one, they’re gonna find you by name on Google. So they’re gonna hear about your business. They’re gonna hear about your nonprofit. They’re gonna hear about your startup and they’re gonna go to Google and they’re gonna enter that directly by name in here.

So Herman family tree services. As an example, we launched this entrepreneur, not that long ago and they come up first in organic right there and they come up with a beautiful Google business profile. People are going to search for you by name, whether you’re a small business owner, a real estate agent, an entrepreneur, a startup, they aren’t necessarily going to connect all the keywords around you yet.

But they’re gonna hear about you. They’re gonna build your brand. You’re gonna be networking. Working the local market, knocking on doors by name searches. The number one way that new small businesses are found online. Better have a nice website to go to there too. 

2. Keyword Search

Number two, keyword search. . They don’t know you by name. They’re just looking for the thing you do like asphalt roofing near me. And this is one of our clients and boom. They show up first on the local map pack where like, I think 40% of clicks click through on there.

So they come up for a local search. You’re a local business provider. You’re a local agent and you can be found by keyword. If your website is done right. If it’s optimized, right. If it’s indexing correctly, if you’re following good, like keyword building practices, back links, blogging, we’ll get into that.

Look at coffee shop near me. because everyone, most people love coffee. These are all three of our clients. And so again, they don’t necessarily know the name, but they know they want coffee and boom, you’re right there on the map pack. 

3. Youtube Search

The third way they’ll search for you by name is YouTube. So I was just looking here like if you do a search, they know, know you by name, but they’re looking for something that you might be able to help them. So let’s say how to embed, let’s say was a really cool tool you know, on my website. And you know, right here, for example, we’ve got one of those links on there with a video that answers the question and makes it really simple for people to follow.

So whatever your service is, you probably can answer some questions with a YouTube video. Youtube is the second most search engine on the planet. So it’s good to have some content out there, just like we’re recording here and putting out. So answer common questions on YouTube. That would be the third. 

4. Listings

Most the fourth is top 10 listings. So whether you are launching a new business, you need to get citations out there.

You know, Thumbtack, Yelp, you know, all those places will say, Hey, top 10 X, Y, Z provider. But the fourth most common way you’ll be found online is like web design company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s a bio directory is what it’s called. And so the first directory that shows up here is top 10 Lancaster web designers. And there you have Sparrow and launch kits. Our brands showing up right there on those top 10 lists. So sometimes you can get those listed for free on some of the third party platforms. Sometimes you’ll pay a minimal fee for a local listing site to have you listed there, but people will find you there. A lot of people that we talk to say, oh, I just searched for great web designers. And I found you on the top 10 list. So that’s a common way. 

5. Social Media

And then fifth is social.

So again, if you just Google, you know, any brand if I do Sparrow websites and you just like by name your social profiles, like right here, LinkedIn profile, those are going to be prioritized in Google search. If you’re keeping up with those or at least have some fresh content and Google just trusts those domains you know, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok Instagram to be providing validated content.

So top five ways again, and to review, you’re gonna be found by name on Google. So make sure that your name search shows your profile and first organic number two keywords, make sure you’re doing work to build keyword connections between what you do and your audience. . Number three, make sure you have some content on YouTube. Youtube search is key. Number four, make sure you’re on some of the top 10 lists or listings.

Let your chambers of commerce. There’s so many ways you can get on listing sites very easily and then fifth probably by social, make sure those brands are up up top in the Google search profile. 


Now let me just tell you five tips though, to convert well on those things. And these are things that anybody can do and I’ll just point at her and family.

1. Be Genuine

As an example, one, you gotta be genuine. . So here’s my top five tips on all those things. Be genuine, be yourself. If, if you like lights behind you, that look cool, then do that. If you don’t wanna be outside, then do that. You know, just be genuine, be yourself. Don’t try and take, you know, five star photos and crispy, you know, restaurant shots. If we’re gonna walk into a kind of homey dive that you’re gonna have the best empanada you’ve ever had, like try and be very genuine and authentic to your brand. And how you present yourself. This is actually Matt in a tree. I know because he sent me the photo. So I know it’s a real deal.

2. Be Helpful

Number two, be helpful. . So answer questions people have, don’t try and make ’em beat around the Bush and go through 10 forms before they get to just be helpful, answer the questions.

3. Be Relevant

Number three be as, as much as you can be relevant now for some small business owners wearing seven hats, it’s hard to always stay relevant and get the latest picture of the project or the newest food item or you know, the latest sale.

You know, it’s hard to do that, but hopefully your web team can really help you get those things on your website, quick turnarounds so that people that land on your site, don’t see, for example you know, landscaping picture the fall when it’s summer and we’re cutting grass. Keep things relevant.

4. Be Simple

Number four, my four tip be easy. Just make it super simple. Like tree cutting is a pretty complex thing, but the, the really simple process he outlines like on his site is just super simple. Like whether it’s just request a quote here, whether you’re at the top request a quote, don’t make me like call track down a thing, measure how tall my tree is and send you a photo. That’s just not a, there’s too much to ask for. Just gimme a name, address, phone number, or make it really easy for me to tip click or tap or call you, make it easy and then be audience smart.

5. Be Audience Smart

Think of who you’re trying to reach through your brand online. You know, for us at launch kits, like we wrestled through man, are we trying to reach like how do we be smart to the audience? What clever puns are they gonna get? Do they get that? Our command center is called Houston, you know, because Houston, if you have a problem, when you’re, you know, in flight, that’s who you call you gotta be audience smart you know, make sure that the way you present yourself is gonna resonate with the people you’re trying to attract. So again, top five tips to be found by name by keyword, on YouTube, on listings and on social. And then the top five kind of tips of advice to you is be genuine, be helpful, be relevant, be really easy and be very audience smart.

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If you’re a client of ours, you can go to, our Command Center. Here you can find more tools and tips to get found online! We also offer SEO services and plans that you can add on to your launch kit. Take your website to infinity and beyond!

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