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Top Secret Weapon for Lead Generation

Adam explains one of the best converting tools to capture email addresses and create more foot traffic to your website. Watch the full video, or keep scrolling for a quick summary.

The Simplest Tool of All

This particular method tends to be minimized because it sounds frivolous, but look at Buzzfeed. I’m guessing you’ve heard of it and they are one of the top visited sites simply because people enjoy taking the quizzes they see on Facebook. Why? All due to their quizzes. People are drawn to personality quizzes because they enjoy seeing how their answers reveal things about themselves or prompt a level of self-assessment.

Wholesale Deal Quiz on
Sharing quiz results on Social Media

Quizzes will work well for virtually any industry. For just a couple of examples:

1. Real Estate

Creating a financial wellness quiz would allow people to examine how they spend their money and learn how to make good decisions on getting ahead to meet their financial goals. Promising privacy will encourage people to answer transparently and enables you to collect valuable data about people’s debt, spending habits and other areas from which you can create tools to answer questions and give helpful advice.

2. Landscaping

You could invite people to design their ideal backyard. The quiz would determine what their goals are: 

  • being the social hub of the neighborhood, 
  • creating a playground kingdom for the kids, 
  • maintaining a high status or making a private oasis

And then, you could give tips on how to begin creating the backyard of their dreams.

Cheap or Free Tool for Making a Quiz

One great tool for making a quiz is called Ari Stream Quiz. While there is a perfectly acceptable FREE  plan (Basic), the Personal plan (at $17) allows you to create more than just a trivia game but a more in-depth quiz with up to four different responses and a results page on which to display them. One of the biggest parts of taking a quiz is the pleasure of sharing one’s results on social media. That is how your foot traffic gets started.

Ari Stream Quiz Pricing Plans

How to Add it to your Launch Kit

As simple as the process is.. you can watch Adam perform the steps on how to add a plugin on the back end of your website, upload the zip file, and activate it so you can begin creating your own quizzes that are attached directly to your website. No coding knowledge needed!

Until next time, try to brainstorm some creative quiz ideas for your business and, as always, if you have any questions please contact us.

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