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What are Lead Magnets?

In joining the Sparrow family, we want to give you helpful information you can use in the growth and success of your own business.  The term ‘lead magnet’ is an industry term that is something useful and adds value beyond your typical content that you can offer to your audience in exchange for a deeper connection with them.  In other words, I like to think of it as offering something that draws people to you aside from the item or services your business actually provides.  How does this actually relate to you and how would you apply this concept?

As you’re trying to grow your business, you’ve learned how to create effective ads and place them on various social platforms and pull traffic to your website… BUT you’re not seeing a growth in sales.  Why is that?  What can you do about it?  The tendency might be to push your sale harder, but the problem is that you haven’t wooed your audience enough, yet, to make them comfortable in trusting you with their money.  They’re on a first date with you, having seen your video and reading a blog post.  Your next “date” could be a free offer on your website which requires a less personal step than giving their credit card, but instead giving a phone number or email address.  This would give you contact information by which you can woo them further and deepen this trust you want to instill in them until they are ready to take the plunge. So, let’s look at some very effective lead magnets for you to consider.

Our 5 Favorite Lead Magenets

5-10 Day Challenge

This could be a challenge for saving a certain amount of money or sending daily eating goals for better health.

Quiz or Assessment

Creating a quiz on your industry might look like: “How healthy am I?” Or “What is the state of my roof?” Or “Am I ready to plant a garden?”


Using money or a gift card or even a redeemable coupon for services/products you provide as an incentive to join the contest would be a useful tool.


Many industries could use a checklist to draw interest: “Things you need to do before selling your home”; “Your monthly gardening checklist”; “Checklist for planning your wedding.”

Tool or Calculator

Calculate how much mulch to purchase for your landscaping needs, a tool to measure ideal sunlight for your flowers, quantifying how many vegetable plants would feed your family, etc.

Free Sample

A free sample of whatever you are selling in exchange for their address.

All of these are very profitable ways to draw your audience into a closer relationship with you by giving them positive interactions with your business.  This will give them context for the future when they need/want what you are offering.

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