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Meet Justin Rule


Justin shouldn’t be alive.

Justin was born 3.5 months early, at the end of the second trimester. He weighed 2lbs 4oz and was diagnosed as being deaf with cerebral palsy. He was given a 10% chance to live.

A few miracles and a few decades later, it is obvious God had other plans.

With 22 different jobs, a former education in Geological Oceangraphy, a few failed startups, and a 10-year nonprofit adventure under his belt – all before the age of 34 – he is far from the poster child of “pick a career path and stick to it.” And somehow he evolved from a city boy to an experimental hobby farmer with 5 kids, 35 chickens (unless the fox got some last night), ducks, bunnies, cats, and a Bernese mountain dog named Maximus. He is also one of seven children – so plenty of stories abound.

Entrepreneurial Failures

Before he left his childhood nest in suburban Columbus, Ohio for greener pastures with the aforementioned oceanic aspirations in landlocked Lancaster County, PA (how’s that for irony?), he had built a few websites, run a little neighborhood paper route business, and managed a few clients with a lawn mowing business. We won’t mention his photos-into-greeting-cards business in the late 1990s – he had only one customer.

By the time he began Launch Kits in 2016, Justin had founded and managed a local urban arts nonprofit organization for a decade (just wait till you see his Will Smith impersonations in his viral YouTube rap videos), weathered a few years teaching science at a private school (forensics, to be exact) to adjudicated young men in a drug and alcohol rehab, served as Principal of the high school for 3+ years, performed suicide cleanups as part of a biohazard team, and was part of two local church plants.

Oh yeah, and his wife and he celebrated the birth of 5 healthy kids within that season, although where “dad was employed” was always a subject of curiosity and comedy (for all except, possibly, the in-laws).

Why Launch Kits?

When Justin met Adam (the nerd) at a local digital marketing agency, they shared the vision to give entrepreneurs and small business owners a clearer and simpler path to success than what was currently being offered.

While Justin had been refining his website design skills for anyone who wanted to share their opportunity online, Adam had spent a decade chewing on conversion analytics and studying user behavior online. So, Launch Kits gave them a chance to offer both smart and beautiful simple website solutions to entrepreneurs in a world full of digital noise. Launch Kits 950+ clients expect the plain and simple truth – not loud opinions and bloated packages – and the results speak for themselves.

Launch Kits wants to be the ‘third brand’ considered for entrepreneurs launching websites. We all get sold on DIY options like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and there are GoDaddy’s out there -but our approach gives you a personal, professional, expert team to work with making a proven, PERFECT website as the goal. Our resources, guides, and boot camps are like a magician telling their secrets; it helps demystify and explain how things work so they can be empowered and avoid someone else pulling the wool over their eyes and then sending a bill.

  • 950+ website customers (nonprofit, entrepreneurs, home services, professional services)
  • 98% retention rate
  • 5-star profiles on every platform
  • All team members in the USA in PA – specifically Columbia, PA

So, that’s how an early arrival at birth wastes no time catching up with life.

Top Secret Justin Video

The “Why”

Launch Kits believes that great things deserve to be found online… and dark and evil things need to be removed and hidden online. 

That’s why we partner with organizations who help make the internet a safe and wholesome place for people to learn, grow, and be discovered. The alternative is that the internet is used for darkness, exploitation, pornography, and abuse.