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A Great Website Should Mean More Free Time

Founder and CEO of Launch Kits, Justin Rule, wrote out the top 5 ways to make sure your website gives you more free time.

As a business owner, the purpose of a website is to attract, qualify, and connect you to interested customers and leads for your services and products. Too many times, we don’t realize the ways that a smart and proven website design and functionality can actually save us time and money – giving us more free time to spend with family, friends, and serving our community.

Here are the Top 5 Ways to use your website to get MORE FREE TIME.

#1: Use INSTANT scheduling tools

#2 Allow WEBSITE payment tools

#3 RECORD demo videos

#4 AUTOMATE your responses

#5 SIMPLIFY your pricing

Most entrepreneurs want to build a business that gives them more money so they can have more free time. I think you can make more time as you grow your business as well! These tips have proven to help me manage over 900 clients. They have also proven to work for my clients themselves as they grow their service businesses and professional brands.

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