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Five Things that Every Web Design Package Should Include

Web Design Packages for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur or small business looking to purchase a web design package for your business, it is important to think through the following criteria. These packages can be purchased from freelance web designers, various online platforms, web design agencies, or your friend in their basement. When you are trying to determine where to purchase a web design package, it is important to think through what exactly is being offered. To that end, here are five things that every web design package should include. 

Onboard with a Live Person

You need to have a live interaction with your web designer. You can’t just fill out a form and expect that person is going to know you, your style, your industry.  You want to make sure that the people designing and building your website are going to give you face-time. Here at Launch Kits, our entire team is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You’re going to get a live call. You’re going to meet with designers, developers, writers. It’s all part of our launch-in-five-days process. So make sure that your web design package includes a live connection with your designers, developers, and writers.

Mobile Friendly Design and Speed

You’ve got to make sure that your web design packages are mobile friendly, that are customized for every tablet, mobile, phone, desktop user. Image sizes should be different for each since load times need to be speed-friendly. Google’s going to down rank your site if you have a slow loading site. So make sure you are mobile-friendly and that your website will function with beauty and speed on every device. 

Live in Days, not Months

Make sure not to wait on your web design package for weeks and months when it can be launched in days. The reality is Google doesn’t start organically indexing you until you have a website that’s live. If you are a land clearing company in Lancaster PA, you want people to find you first when they search “best land clearing companies in Lancaster, PA.” This can only happen AFTER you go live. Google wants you to start making helpful content updates so you keep the site fresh, and so they know that you, your name, address, website, phone number, are consistent across other platforms and validated on your website. So you need to make sure that your team or  the person you  hire is not going to waste precious time by building out a website to only go live months later. Going live is when you get real data from Google about what is working, and when people begin to find you online. Why don’t you go live in a few days? Make sure that that timeline is something you’re aware of. 

Expert Advice

Make sure your web design package includes expert advice for your launch and ongoing support. You need someone who can help you make informed, researched-based decisions, so that every aspect of your website is intentional and geared towards building your business. Sometimes customers will have certain ideas for their website that are not smart and could, in fact, discourage customers from working with you. In those instances, you need to have a web design person or team that will be honest with you and steer you in a new direction. For example, some people will ask us for popups right up on the screen. And in certain industries that will decrease conversions, scare customers, and cause you to lose leads and hurt your business. In other industries, popups work. So you need to have a team that will help you understand the best practices and will explain the why behind each decision. Your style and vision for your website should be paired with proven frameworks that help bring in leads and convert those leads to customers. 

Quality Ongoing Support

Here is the final and possibly most important piece. When you launch a website, you need to make sure that your website design phase is not the end of your support. You need to make sure that you get unlimited updates, training, hosting, support tools, security form checks. You need to make sure that the team isn’t going to disappear. We’ve heard hundreds of horror stories, honestly, of small business entrepreneurs, people that launched the website and then couldn’t get a hold of the developer. Here at Launch Kits, you’ve always got us right here in Pennsylvania. We’re here to take your call, your email, your text, we’ll do live editing sessions. We’ll do unlimited updates to your website for part of our $99 per month plan

At Launch Kits, we’ll get your website live in five days. We are “Live in Five” and mobile friendly. We help you set up your Google profile. We host on our own Secure servers. We’ll monitor forms. Here at Launch Kits, there’s a reason we’re the highest rated web design company in America. So your launch kit package that you choose needs to include those five things. Make sure that you’re not wasting time. Make sure you onboard with a live person; make sure your sites are mobile friendly and high-speed on every device: make sure your site goes live in days, not months; make sure you have expert advice for your launch and ongoing support; and make sure you have quality ongoing support. 

Questions? Just ask!

If you have questions or need some help launching your website, check us out! Here at Launch Kits, we’ve launched over 1,200 websites. We have really simple pricing and packages you can review online.  If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, we want you to be launched online so you can start growing leads, supporting your family, your community, your employees, so that you can be successful and impact those around you. Alright? Hope your launch goes well for your business. If you’re trying to launch, reinvent, redesign, restyle or rebrand your business, your web design package needs to include these five things.

Make sure that you’re asking the right questions.

Best of luck. See you on the way!

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