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Make the Best Blog Content for $1

In three minutes and five short steps, I’m going to tell you how to make the best content on your website.

Don’t hire a digital marketing agency.

Do this.


You have the answers. You can do it simply.

Number one, ask your administrator what are the questions people have been asking about our services? Or go to and type in your service. It will spit you back all the questions people have been asking Google about your service.

Then what you do is take your phone, turn on the camera, turn the video on yourself, and answer that question verbally. Talk to your camera for three minutes, answer all the nitty gritty, how you approach the problem, how you solve it, what do you do things the way you do etc.

Hit save and upload to your YouTube channel directly from your phone.

When that uploads, take that link go to In They have an automated transcription service for 25 cents a minute.

4 minute video is $1.

You paste that link and instantly you’ll get your entire transcript.

Then – paste it on your YouTube description so you have SEO value, and send that to our support team here at Launch Kits and we’ll make that a blog on your website.

We will give it a good H1, H2 etc for SEO value, put an image in it, put your YouTube link in it, and you just have the best blog on the planet that you made because you are the expert.

You know the answers to your questions. And don’t pay an agency to like think and come up with some answer, but you be the real person with the helpful answer.

It’s that simple. In less than three minutes, you can spend a dollar and get an SEO specific blog on your website.

Send it to us and we’ll get it live. Come on, start creating helpful content now.

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