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Tips for the best real estate agent website

We have launched over 100+ real estate agent websites for individual agents, teams, and even some agency websites. Since we have been doing this for over 8 years for real estate agents across the country, we have learned a few things that work – and many that are a waste of time, energy, and money.

If you are looking to be found online as a real estate agent, the statistics show that most people will find you by name on Google. Since word of mouth usually produces the best leads, it is common that when your trusted friend says they had a great experience selling or buying a house with INSERT-YOUR-NAME-HERE, people tend to first go to Google and checkout if YOUR-NAME-SEARCH on Google shows good reviews, a trustworthy real estate website, and has some way to vet you before going further.

Enter a great website 🙂

Well, before a great real estate agent website, you need to have a google business profile setup for your name so that you take over the page and everything they hoped about you is in fact confirmed!

We will use our client Wendy Stauffer as an example. However, it may surprise you what is actually working.

WHAT WORKS: A great Google Business Profile

When someone looks for a real estate agent near them, you have a chance to show up in the ‘map pack’ of Google based on where your office is in proximity to the searchers location. If someone searches for you by name, you can always have a google business profile for real estate agents setup to show up with great reviews about your real estate services you offer.

WHAT WORKS: Local Service Ads by Google

The local service ads for real estate agents are a relatively new tool that you can use as a real estate agent to be found online. I would not suggest investing in them until you have a great Google Business Profile that has lots of reviews since that is the main feature prospective customers/clients will see before considering calling you.

The good thing is you don’t need to blow through money on these ads because you can choose your budget with the new local service ads setup, and decide how much you are willing to risk and invest each month. It also guarantees calls or you can request a partial refund from Google.

If you want to learn how to set them up, just follow our video and tutorial if you think it’s right for you!

This allows you to show up for terms like REAL ESTATE AGENT IN YOUR CITY for people looking for you but don’t know you by name.

WHAT WORKS: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews.

Your map pack listing will be ranked based on the consistency of your name, address, phone number, website, (commonly called NAPW consistency) across the internet – but it also is impacted by the number of reviews! Google loves giving people a great result, so everyone you serve or have served from previous agencies or teams should be leaving you feeback on your Google profile.

Yes, it can help to have Zillow or Realtor(dot)com reviews, but if you want to be found by new people, and affirmed and trusted by word-of-mouth referrals, you should really take care to make sure your google profile has a ton of great reviews listed.

It’s your digital social-proof that you can do great work in your area, industry niche, or geographic focus. If you and someone else have the same NAPW information but you have 1) more review and 2) a better website with a lower bounce rate and higher conversion, you will outrank them every time in the local map pack search!

WHAT WORKS: A great website the connects personally

When they have passed the “Google gates” and now are entering your website, you need to make sure your website makes a personal connection to your visitor.

Your own website is (most importantly) something you own. Meaning, nomatter where life takes you and what agency you land with, you always have your own domain and connection point for people. After all, if you gain some raving fans and end up go to another agency, you still want the google return of YOUR SITE when they search for you.

Don’t overthink the MLS integrations: it’s optional.

So many real estate agents think that a great real estate agent website has to have a fully integrated MLS listing that they can use to search listings – but the data doesn’t back that up. People tend to search on their ‘search platform of choice’ and then reach out to the real estate agent next to see a home they are interested in. If they are looking to list their home, they want to make sure it will be will shown everywhere on the web – and not necessarily on YOUR website.

As a real estate agent, you have a great opportunity to show and share what makes you unique, share your story, and give people a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

A great real estate agent website for you or for a team will make an easy connection one of the first obvious steps on a website. It will also be a source of helpful information. Not everyone wants to ask a question they feel like they should know – especially if they can google an answer. So having answers (usually in blogs or videos) on your site is a great way to help answer common questions by visitors about listing, selling, or buying a home or investment property.

Sometimes people are hesitant to show off their accomplishments or divulge too much about their connections to the community – but when you can create common points of interest or connection, it can help you build trust before engaging a client.

Even the type of headshot or family photo you show can connect based on your setting, clothing, team-logos or animals in the photo.

Yes, putting your family dog in the photo can be a WIN for the right client!


After helping hundreds of real estate agents be found online, we can tell you with certainty that there are two things that stink from a mile away: confusing websites and stock images.

Too many real estate agent website say too many things and try to be everything to everyone – and the result is a confusing mess. Know your customer. Know your target. Be bold about who you want to attract by being confident with your message, font, colors, style and conversations you start on your website.

Don’t lead with a jumble of types of loans you are familiar with, new listings, free home valuations, seasonal recipe blogs, and generic industry trend reports – please! It’s overwhelming just writing that sentence. Lead with simple “next step” calls to action one-by-one as people scroll down your site.

Guess what? A one page real estate agent website can work.

You can have a very high converting real estate website that is found by name and leads to conversions with just one page! Yep, you read that right and we’ve seen the data that if you can tackle the tips above with a smart one page site, it works that Google indexes you, the google business profile ranks, and you can run ads to your site. We launched a one-page real estate agent solution to help real estate agents if you need someone to help you through it.

The other thing nobody likes is fake stock images everywhere. You know the power of images which is why you invest in a real estate photographer for your listings. Do the same for your website. You can launch with stock images, but quickly get some personal images of you, your office, team, local region and favorite places on your site to create local connection.

A great website that resonates with people is easily possible if you are a real estate agent looking to be found online – so why not get started today?

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