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How We Built a Construction Company’s Website

Launch Kits just crossed an amazing milestone: We’ve launched over 1,100 websites! Each one of those sites represents an entrepreneur or small business owner who now has the website and tools they need to launch their company into the digital stratosphere. 

We specialize in building great websites for a couple of key industries, including construction companies. We’ve launched hundreds of construction sites, and I want to highlight a couple of key things that make a construction company website stand out, and help it be found by potential customers. 

Here’s a quick bonus tip before I get started: Make sure your site has a lot of big, beautiful images of your work. Don’t have a lot of blank space behind your text. Show off your work! 

Tip #1: Explain your process 

Here’s a site we designed for Ironstone Homes, a local custom home builder. 

People want to know your process. 

In the construction company space, there’s a lot of steps that go into each project, from reviewing plans and getting those preliminary sketches together to revising the designs with the client and so on and so on. Customers will have lots of questions about this process: “Can I stay in my home while you work? Do I have to move out? Will a builder meet me in person at my home? Do I come to their office?”

Look, I know every project is different. There are a ton of variables. But don’t be afraid to oversimplify the process down to the main steps, and explain every step. After building hundreds of these construction sites, we’ve heard from so many business owners that when your website can take people through the whole journey of what to expect when they work with you, from start to finish, you separate yourself from the competition—and land more clients! 

Here’s an example of how Ironstone Homes explains their whole process on their site: 

Tip #2: Give away stuff

Use your website to give potential clients something valuable in exchange for the opportunity to connect with them. 

In the construction company space, everyone wants to be inspired. So give people a bunch of cool ideas or sample construction plans for free, as a way to capture their name and basic contact information. Now, you can reach out to the person and say, “Thanks so much for checking out these ideas. Did you see anything that inspired you? Let’s work together to make it a reality.” 

I know, I know. There’s a risk someone will take your cool ideas and run to a competitor instead. But when you give away something valuable for free, you’re building trust. And that’s totally worth the risk. Trust me.

Here’s how Ironstone Homes does a freebie give-away

Tip #3: Make landing pages for each service

The third key to a killer construction website is to make SEO landing pages for each of your main services. If I want to do a renovation or addition in my town, I want to know a lot about that specific type of project. 

Let’s say I’m a potential client in your area who wants to renovate my house. I want to see a page that talks specifically about home renovations, which is very different from home construction from scratch. Tell me everything about what your process is. Give me testimonials specific to home renovation processes. Tell me exactly why you are the best home renovation company. Answer my most important questions. 

(SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In addition to helping the real people who visit your site, these landing pages also help your site be found on search engines like Google, attracting more traffic, more leads, and more clients!) 

Unlike a homepage, SEO landing pages have lots of words. Ideally, a landing page should have like they have 1200 to 1500 words, the text should be broken up with lots of headings and pictures (like this post!).

Check out Ironstone’s SEO landing page for their custom home building service to see all these elements in action.

In review…

So if you’re in the business of home remodeling, renovation, or custom home building, make sure to explain your process on your website, give away freebies, and build very specific landing pages for your services. 

And don’t just hire anybody to build your website. Hire an expert who has experience building sites for companies like yours. Whether you work with us or somebody else, we want you to have a site that gets your business seen and heard. 

Thanks for the work you’re doing to improve your communities and build solid, trustworthy homes that last for generations. You’re making a life-changing impact on your community, and we’d be honored to help you do it better with a great website

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