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Better Conversion and SEO: Add These 3 Things To Your Website

Want to know three things that you can put on your website today to start increasing conversion and your local search engine optimization?

1. Feedback pages:

Your website should have a dedicated page ( that should lead to a Google link. Here with just one click people can go right to your Google profile. You can actually set it up to automatically load the Google “leave a review” popup field.

If you don’t want users to just click and go directly to Google, you can actually do it another way. You can include form that says, “Hey, could we have done a better job? If so, tell us more.” Here you can collect feedback privately.

So don’t just say to your customers, “Hey, go leave us a review on Google.” Make it easy for them. When you ask for a review you can just send them to the feedback page on your Launch Kit. Whether it’s through email or in person – sharing an easy to remember link like makes it easier for them to take action.

This also puts people on your website. Since they are already there, you can remind them of resources and can control what happens when they click or leave. You can track traffic and make sure you’re directing them to the correct Google profile. And if they don’t have positive feedback for you they can find how to reach out to you directly.

Ask everybody, the key thing is getting more and more reviews. So what if they leave a bad review?

Well, research shows getting a one star review or two star can actually help your brand based on how you respond to it. Say, “Hey, reach out to me. We’ll make this right. I’m so sorry the pizza was cold.” 

The number one rule in responding to reviews? – don’t get defensive.

2. Service Area Landing Pages:

Second thing you have to have on your website to make it work well is service area pages. If you service a particular geographic area, make a page that talks all about that service and says why you love working in that specific place. Link to local eateries and places to get some link-juice going back and forth.

Here you should also make sure your business phone number is relevant to the area code. If you need to buy a Google voice number and redirect it, do it.

When talking about the local area, don’t just do ChatGPT stuff. Actually write as a local expert, and you’ll be surprised at how much traffic comes in from Google.

Take our website for example. Here at Launch Kits, York is one of our neighboring counties. We get a ton of traffic through this page. This page talks about what we do and why we love York and connecting in that area. It references actual places York residents would recognize so that by the time they see our call-to-action saying, “Hey, work with us.”, they think, “oh, wow, they’ve done work with other people in my neighborhood. That’s good. They know me, my area, my lingo, my audience,etc.”

So make sure you have service area pages so that local search traffic directs to your website.

3. Contact AND Scheduling Pages:

The last page to add on your website is separate scheduling and contact pages. Your audience for a “contact” page versus a “schedule” page are very different.

A lot of sites just have contact pages. This works for the type of user that goes to a website, has a question, and uses the contact form to get in touch. However, if a user wants to connect at a specific time, consult in person, or schedule a service, a “schedule” page serves that function.

To create a successful schedule page is simple. Create a free Calendly account or integrate another program that allows your website visitors to schedule on your calendar. Another service we like is Jobber, specifically for service-industry websites.

Consider Groundwork:

To help you with scheduling and additional cool tools – check out Groundwork. Here where you can actually click a link or have your customers fill out a name and address and instantly they can sending you a text video about the project they have in mind.

We have a partnership with Groundwork that can get you 30 days free and work at a discount.

Be sure to check it out at

Add these 3 today! – Feedback, Service Area Landing Page, and Scheduling Page

These three things that you need on your website, you can do today. Add a feedback page, separate your quote and contact and put a service area landing page up and start converting on your website.

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