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How Launch Kits Help Small Businesses During COVID

Watch the WGAL Aug. 31st evening highlight featuring Justin at Sparrow Websites sharing how a local business was saved during COVID with the help of a Launch Kit:

In this “Pandemic of 2020,” all of us here at Sparrow want to give some encouragement and show all you business owners that it is possible to not only survive but also grow during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. 

Our Launch Kits allow someone with the seed of an entrepreneurial idea (because inspiration doesn’t only strike when life is calm) to purchase a kit at an extremely affordable price and gain all the power of a full website, including the expertise of the Sparrow team helping guide you to successfully launching and promoting your business. 

Here are five things you need to know before signing up for a Launch Kit.

It goes live in one week.

From the time you speak with one of our team members and share your vision with us to the date you can begin sharing your business with the world is just one week.  There is no painfully long process with lots of complications and hidden costs, just personalized service from our team to you. That means you can start reaching customers online, promoting your business, and have a robust and proven platform to start growing from online!

We’ve done the research.

As we keep hearing, this is an unusual time.  Probably the one and only world crisis you will experience in your lifetime.  Our Sparrow team has experienced marketing strategists and website designers that have studied how people behave in the midst of crises – as well as on a normal “service-shopping day online”. 

This allows you to capitalize on our knowledge by using specific language that highlights your audience’s pain and showcases the solution to their needs in your product or service.

Sparrow includes a FREE a 10-week Digital Marketing Boot Camp.

We took our years of research and experience and created custom videos with step-by-step instructions showing how to keep your business growing strong, even after COVID.  The research and information you’re getting for free are based on 15 years of experience and been proven effective. Simply follow the 20-minute task or the 60-minute task for that week, depending on the time you can commit, and watch your brand take root online as you follow our guide. 

The Launch Kit monthly fee is minimal, and includes your domain, email, and hosting – as well as security, training, and software updates.

For all the powerful tools our Launch Kit customers gain, the low fee you pay Sparrow means you have full design control as well as no unnecessary items draining your bank account.  Your website does not have to be a burden on your expenses.  We have made done the hard part and made all future edits simple enough for anyone else to handle.  But not only that, if you have trouble, Sparrow’s support team is always only an email away.

Your website and launch kit is designed to easily grow with you. 

Sparrow’s Launch Kit is not a stagnant, beginner website.  It has all the capabilities you need in order to grow as your business booms.  You can add e-commerce, customize form fields, and create unlimited landing pages for ads as you go.  We help you get your website set up with the core essentials you need to get started so that your customers have something to look at right now with the understanding that you can easily continue changing your website as needed. 

Very quickly, Launch Kits are NOT for:

  • A website redesign
  • Those looking for overnight growth
  • Someone who isn’t willing to do the work

Our Sparrow team is ready to give you 50+ hours of research, designing, coding, connecting domains and emails, setting up hosting, Google Analytics, Google My Business Profiles to set up your new website. 

We will get you launched on our proven framework based on your industry standards and give you all the tools you need to grow, expand, and continue building your Launch Kit into a full website. 

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