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Sparrow Websites IS Launch Kits

Adam Grim and Justin Rule started Sparrow Websites in 2016.

Sparrow Websites then offered Launch Kits as a unique product in 2019 to help create a more affordable way to launch new businesses with proven templates and frameworks that were then customized based on best practices, industry research, and each unique brand’s positioning and offering.

Now having launched over 600 websites and focusing more on startups and entrepreneurs (now in 6 countries!) – the fact is most people know us as Launch Kits! People know us by our keynote product: Launch Kits.

So – Sparrow IS Launch Kits. 

The company ‘Sparrow’ you know and love and trust is still the same people, place, and great services… but to simplify things, we have shifting to being known as ‘Launch Kits’ as that’s the main bun in the oven 🙂 

You’ll still be able to find all our resources and videos and trainings etc on our site and YouTube, but if you call, we will probably say THANKS FOR CALLING Sparrow Launch Kits… 

But make a mental note that Launch Kits is Sparrow. 

We just are targeting and growing into some new cool people (like you!) who are launching their businesses and launch kits makes more sense looking ahead.

See ya online, on YouTube, on the next blog, or video chat… 🙂

(Oh – and Adam and Justin work together still, but in 2019 Adam launched his digital strategy brand to serve the nerd juice directly to entrepreneurs!)

Can’t wait to share more cool news about our Live in 5 Launch Kits that now have a great solution for short term rental owners who are tired of paying platform and service fee.

Thanks to your support, we are the highest rated web design company in the country with over 200 5-star reviews!

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