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5 Ways An Auto Mechanic Website Can Help Grow Your Business

If you’re in the automobile industry, there is a good chance much of your business comes from word of mouth and returning customers. And while this foot-traffic is great and needed to keep things steady, finding new leads and reaching new customers is well within your reach. 


Expanding your business’s digital presence. By that, we mean optimizing your website or setting one up if you’re not already online. A website is a fantastic way to connect with your local community, collect client reviews, answer questions your customers are asking, and represent your brand in a professional and welcoming way. 

While websites were traditionally an expensive and lengthy process to create, the times have changed, and you can now get a website up and running in as little as 5 days

It’s important to have a web presence to legitimize your business, gain new customers, and set yourself up for future success. Whether you’re a brand new auto mechanic business or have been at it for years, a web presence is a crucial element of good business practice. 

If you’re still not convinced, we’re sharing 5 real ways a website can help expand your business.

1. Organic SEO

Organic SEO refers to obtaining a natural and unpaid placement on search engines like Google. Instead of paying for leads and dumping money into advertising, organic SEO allows your business to continuously drive new leads to your website. 

A website presence will help grow your business organically through SEO. This means that the content on your website will connect with locals in your area needing your services without having to spend extra dollars on advertising. 

An optimized, user-friendly website will rank on Google, sending users to your website and helping them find exactly what they’re looking for – from repairs and maintenance to information about your team and hours. And with the right information on your website in an easy-to-find design, you can convert those website users into paying customers. 

2. Prove Your Reputation

What others say about your business has much more weight for potential customers (and Google!) than what you say about yourself online. Build trust digitally and prove your reputation with an optimized Google Business Profile and a gallery of client reviews. 

When you work with a website team like Launch Kits, we set up your Google Business Profile for you and optimize your business category for search. By completing your profile and setting things up correctly, you can drive traffic to your website organically through search in as little as two weeks. 

Online reviews are a large component of search rankings and help reinforce why potential customers should work with you. Collecting online reviews is oftentimes as easy as simply asking for them – and with a Launch Kits website, this functionality is built right in. 

3. Online Appointment Scheduling

A website can be a great tool for online appointment scheduling. Not only does it alleviate administrative duties in your office or shop, but it’s also extremely user-friendly and convenient for clients. Use a service like Calendly to book and manage appointments all online with a few simple sets. 

Set up is easy and free accounts are available. Simply sign up for an account and embed the scheduling tool on your website – or have your trusted website team do it for you. 

4. Give Your Customers The Answers They Want

Blogging is a great way to help your clients understand answers to their questions and reach new audiences online. You don’t have to be an expert writer or website developer to get started with a blog. With Launch Kits, the blog function is built into every website, and our team can post blogs directly online for you. 

Simply brainstorm blog topics (such as FAQs customers ask you, tips on recommendations you make to clients, or other areas of your business), sit down for a half-hour each week, and get to writing.

If you do write blogs, remember to keep content short and sweet, with headers and bulleted lists to make information scannable for readers. 

5. Have A Better Online Presence Than Your Competitors

Chances are, competitors in your area probably don’t have strong digital presences either. In the automobile industry, this is pretty common. This also means your opportunity to out-rank a competitor is massive – and should be capitalized on. 

With a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate website, you can drive traffic to your website and capture those in your area needing services that you offer. 

Get Started Today With Your Business Website

Are you ready to get your digital presence up and running? Launch Kits is ready to help! Whether you need a website built, like… yesterday, or you just want to hand off the project to a trusted team of experienced professionals, our friendly designers and digital marketers are happy to help and step in in whatever ways you need. 

With $750 and a simple onboarding process, we can have your website up and running by next week. You’ve got nothing to lose with our money back guarantee, too. Launch Kits is just what you need to create this presence and start getting found online!

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