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Launch Kits Websites For Entrepreneurs

Justin Rule here – from the home of the original OG Launch Kits websites in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

We are the people that build websites live in five days with unlimited support, training, research, updates to your website for a simple $99 a month.

We have expert website designers on staff, writers, and we host our own servers that are secure and fast. We help local service-based companies, home service companies, professional services, your real estate, counselor websites, professional advisors, financial advisor, painting, contracting, landscaping, anything. We’ve launched over 1,100 websites live, and we can help you launch too!

The thing that makes us able to do it cheaper and faster and better is because we don’t claim to be an expert in all these different categories.


We don’t build e-commerce websites. We’re not experts in them. We don’t know how to do it better than the next guy, so we don’t try.

We don’t also have social media people and PPC people and ongoing content curating writers. We don’t claim to be experts in all of that. We can introduce you to great people that have been vetted and trusted in some of those niche specific services.


But when it comes to launching a website that’s found first on Google, that takes care of your Google business profile, that gives you solid SEO name search results because that’s how people search. They do word of mouth online. They talk to their phones, they type in names. They remember people and faces. Now, if they’re looking for you by service, that is easy to do with our unlimited updates plan.

You can add content on your own. You can email, text, call us in content on your own. You can record videos with your iPhones and transcribe ’em and send them. So we post ’em as blogs. You can hire third party people to write you content and keep you good when it comes to search engine optimization.

But here at Launch Kits, the big thing is you’re going to have a website that’s fast. It’s so affordable, it’s so easy to update, and it can change and tweak and look great on every device. It’s really simple. We’ve built our own very intentional templates for very intentionally researched and specific niche service industries that we’re trying to do the best work for.

So if you come to me and you’re a landscaper, I can say, look, I’ve built over a hundred other landscaping websites. We know how these work, how they convert. Here’s a couple different options we can start with In terms of a design style or a framework that we know works. If you build construction and you’re in a contractor, you build new homes, you are house renovating, you’re a cabinet installer, we can say, look, here’s 50 a hundred of these that we’ve already built. Here’s the style and design, because it’s about a proven framework that really makes the most sense. If you’re designing a T-shirt, you don’t go say, I want to make a T-shirt. What’s it going to look like? Where’s the holes for the arms going to be? No, because it’s a proven model that works, right? It’s the same thing. If you’re a certain website attracting a certain type of customer, we know where the button should be. We know if it should be a contact form or a click to call. We know whether your bio should be front center or should be one level back.

We know whether services should be the main thing or the pain points should be the main thing you’re solving.


So Launch Kits is us. We are the company. We’re the highest rated web design company in America.

We have launched the most sites under a private label, 1,100 and counting sites live with Launch Kits as their builder, designer, supporter, and their host.

So just be careful when you’re looking online that someone else called Launch Kits that doesn’t look like us have this cool mural in their design office.

Check out our pricing.

You can get a basic website for $900 and then there’s a couple other options. If you want to have a higher level of SEO impact, you need specific service pages for locations or for specific services. You have different other plans that you can select there.

We would love to help you, love to see you online and hope your business is a success.

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