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All business owners are concerned with the realities of bringing new people to their websites quickly and easily.  More people means more of a chance to gain a new customer.  So, what if you could update your website to work harder for you in the time it takes you to have a coffee break?  News Flash:  You can!  Stick with me as we cover three very simple ways to keep your website fresh as a daisy.

1. Update the main background image every season. 

Like I said… so simple.  Do you really think someone looking for winter decorations will be impressed if they see Valentine’s decorations?  Of course not!  It’s the same with your business.  If you’re in landscaping, change the background image to reflect the season you’re entering.  It will not only show that you’re ready to adapt to their landscaping needs based on the weather, but also that you haven’t neglected such a small thing as your website.

Your website should be living and breathing right along with the tempo of your business.  If you go through internal changes, there’s nothing wrong with showing that by also updating and announcing those things on your website.  In fact, it’s ideal. 

No potential customer will choose to do business with a company that has an old address, dead email addresses, or out-of-date products still being advertised. Keep things fresh and make sure that even if you have awesome content, that it gets updated along the way.  Even valuable content (even if it’s still true) can become stale.  So update your photos and keep things changing internally.  People will stay engaged longer if they know you are constantly improving and keeping things current.

2. Update the main Call to Action (CTA) button 

Part of the business of keeping a website is analyzing who is visiting, how they’re engaging while they’re with you, and how many of them are following through to become a customer.  All of those things are part of your analytics, the behind-the-scenes numbers you need to watch.  From that information, you should be listening to your potential customers’ questions and concerns.  Once you see what everyone is asking repeatedly, you can update your website to answer those questions before they’ve been asked.

For instance, back to lawn care: if your customers have a running problem with beetles every summer (and you know this because your analytics are showing an influx of traffic to a blog post you created about how to get rid of beetles), you should consider creating an accompanying PDF or checklist or other helpful tools to advertise when that time of year comes around again.  Creating a landing page specifically for your PDF and changing some of your CTA buttons to redirect traffic to get these tools is a great way to maximize your conversion rate from a simple “looky-loo” to a “profitable customer” who will definitely come back.

3. Change CTA to a “softer option”

Anyone who has surfed the web has seen buttons that say “Contact Us.”  Now, while that seems very clear, direct, and no fuss, there is a much better way to reach people and finesse them into not just a customer, but a loyal, diehard for your brand.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with giving them an option that they know will contact you directly, but personalizing things will forge a much stronger bond than just doing the bare minimum and looking like everyone else.

On a simple search, I found a great example.  One young lady advertising custom design websites (which, I’m not showing you because Launch Kits are a way better option!) didn’t have any buttons saying “Contact Me.”  Rather, she had a very aesthetic page with calming neutral colors that scrolled down showing her personal workspace and herself as she shared her vision and work experience.  On its own tab was a contact page with a form and a welcoming photo next to it encouraging you to talk with her.

Sample contact form

All that to say, be creative.  There is a much better way to invite customer interactions than a generic button saying “Contact Us.”

Each of these tips should take you no more than a few minutes and we guarantee your conversion rates will go up as a result.  Let us know if you’ve made some of these changes.  We’d love to check out your website and admire it!

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